All I Want for Christmas

Yeah, we’ve covered it before – I was born on Christmas… the day. (Why people always follow my announcement of being born on Christmas with the question “the day?” still baffles me “no, I mean “Christmas” the themepark ride; it was uncomfortable and the family doesn’t like to talk about it much”. And, I’ll say it, it’s my OH MY GOD I’M TURNING FORTY I’M MAKING METHUSELAH LOOK LIKE A TODDLER IT’S ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE landmark.

So, since the world is coming to an end as I know it in just one short month, it’s ok for me to be greedy AND demanding (AND melodramatic). With that in mind, I’m posting my birthday wishlist. Some of you may have received it already in an e-mail, but just in case I zoned your e-mail address or you’re too far away to come, I’m posting the “list” here, because I’d like everyone to participate.

It boils down to: I want a picture of you/your family and something personal “of” you – a note, a photo you’ve taken, a poem you’ve written, a picture you’ve drawn, a CD (originally my thinking was just TWO songs that represented you in this moment, but you can send more) – you get the idea and there are more ideas on THIS HERE LINK (the official ask for presents list).
For mailing instructions, send April an e-mail (included in the pdf) and she’ll give you the address, etc.

Don’t feel pressured in any way to participate just because I’LL BE DEAD IN FIVE SHORT YEARS THANKS TO MY ADVANCED AGE – you can live with the guilt. You’re resilient. I won’t curse your name… much. You probably like kicking puppies, too. Senior hatin’ puppy kickers – go on, live with that knowledge. I HOPE YOU SLEEP WELL TONIGHT!

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