Big Tis

Seriously, I’m jealous of Seth. You type in the phrase “DHL Sucks” in Google, and you find his site in the top 3. (I think it used to be #1, but it looks like a more dedicated rabid DHL hater has unseated his site for the moment.) Still, if I were to forget Seth’s URL, one short little phrase will set me right again.

That inspired me to find out where the traffic to my website comes from, and do you want to know the #1 search on Google that will land you on my page? “Big Tis” I have no idea what that means, and you really have to work through all the “big tis” hits on Google to get to anything I wrote – you have to be serious about your “big tis” hunt and there really isn’t much big about the tis on my site! Even if there were, what does it mean? Big tis? Is there a small tis? An average-sized tis? When I went to Metacrawler to try to figure out what it meant, I was questioned with “are you over 18?” So, I’m thinking it must be some sort of typo. Let’s run with the typo notion then, let’s say you’re looking for something big and of the mistyped, augmented, quadruple D variety – how do you get distracted by my site? Anyway, the whole “big tis” thing is just going to have to remain a mystery unless one of those searchers cares to comment.

So, today I’m looking at where traffic came from expecting a couple “big tis’s” and I find something new “sixteen candles smell good big boobs”. Huh. My first thought was, “wow, my searches are really lame by comparison” followed by “Tarzan have access to internet, meet girl, watch movie.” Again, you’re trying to find your smell good big boobs with your sixteen candles and you say “hey, here’s the place”??

I’m here to tell ya, there’s just no “smell good big boobs” here and stop that sniffing! It’s creepy. Also, learn to type. It’s not “tis,” it’s “tits” unless you’re looking for a holiday site, and that’s not here either.

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