Birthday Loot

Originally uploaded by Beth Doughty

My grandmother was a firm believer that you didn’t go around bragging about your gifts. The kid next door might have only gotten handpainted rocks and a Chia Pet compared to your Solid Gold album featuring Dionne Warwick (well, not mine because that would make me VERY old and I just turned 20 – who was Shawn Cassidy? I have no clue, I never had a poster. *cough*) Of course, my grandmother also had some crazed notions about how girls wouldn’t date if they showed the slightest signs of intelligence either, so I take what my grandmother taught me with a huge grain of salt. In other words, I’m about to brag.

That there, that there up above, that’s a sample – something I’d like to call the best birthday presents ever. What you’re looking at represents poems, pictures, CDs, comics, haikus, original drawings, original stories, food and a fresh wreath of pine – all of it from my friends and family for my TWENTIETH birthday.

By far, I have the best friends and family a person could ask for and since I have this blahg, I have to brag on them. This was one of those occasions that I will never be able to properly express how grateful I am for all of them.

Thanks guys, for giving me so much of yourselves for my birthday. It was by far the best birthday EVAH!

One thought on “Birthday Loot

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