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The year is wrapping up, which means only one thing –Top 10 lists and I hate Top 10 lists for the most part because they tend to be pieced together by art house know-it-alls who want to make sure you feel stupid for enjoying The Fantastic Four by beating you down with a list of movies that were shown in four major cities to an audience of about 62. Doubtlessly, they golf-clapped at the end, drank some wine and threw around many multi-syllabic words to express their profound appreciation of the masterpiece they just enjoyed then made plans to jet to Cannes.

After talking to April and receiving her personal Top 10 of “Why I Hate Top 10 Lists” (by far, the number 1 Top 10 List of 2007 as determined by me) and then later reading my first genuine Top 10, I decided to chime in with my own completely subjective list. Unfortunately, I can’t find that person’s Top 10 – and it was great because it pushed me over the edge and made me realize I couldn’t walk away from my own list – all with one whiney little statement about the 300 being one of the worst movies of the year and how we didn’t need to see another war movie.

So, here you go – some lists.
“No Country for Old Men” – everything about this movie is solid from the acting to the set design to the sound effects – I’ve stood in front of those counters, talked to those people, walked on those floors, opened those doors – I’ve never seen a movie get so much right in terms of “flash” and sounds.

“Pan’s Labyrinth” – I know, you saw it last year. Well, I saw it this year and this is my list.

“Children of Men” – my stub says 1/21/2007, so this one counts, too. For the record, I think it’s cheating to sneak things in at the end of the year before the rest of us can see them. I hate the pressure of trying to see everything before Oscar Night that Top 10 lists have told me is good. I’m talking to you limited release “There Will Be Blood” and “Butterfly in the Bell Jar”

“300” – complete eye candy and not just the CGI-ed abs – I feel no shame in listing this – just take one look at the Frank Miller graphic novel and compare the frames to the movie – their special effects team deserves a standing ovation.

“The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Bob Ford” – I hope I didn’t ruin the end for you.

“3:10 to Yuma” – We like all things Christian Bale in this household. (Well, I wasn’t too keen on American Psycho, but I’ve liked him since Henry V.)

“The Last King of Scotland” – again, saw it this year. It’s not my fault I didn’t want to go to the one theater it showed in here.

… and for the record, I really enjoyed “Transformers” and “Live Free or Die Hard” – take that movie snobs.

The worst movie for an action junkie like me: War – you shouldn’t be able to go wrong with Jet Li and Jason Statham, yet they did.

“Dexter” – America’s favorite serial killer

“Battlestar Galactica” – by far the best Science Fiction serial show and I’m going to have to go with “ever” on this one. Your Star Treks (any version), original BSGs, Space 1999’s, Stargate’s, Farscape’s, Cleopatra 2525’s, Andromeda’s just don’t hold a candle to this show.

“Chuck” – FUNNY and it has Adam Baldwin

“Heroes” – Last season, not this one (well ok, I really like the addition of Dan Anderson’s Kensei)– and since last season wrapped this year, it counts.

“The Daily Show” – could someone PLEASE pay the writers what they’re worth? I miss you Jon – so much in the news, so little mocking

Gates of Fire – Ok, I really sucked in terms of reading this year – my life blew-up and I have a backlog. Anyway, this is fictionalized story about the Hot Gates or the Battle of Thermopylae. In other words, it’s the story of the 300.

Best CD according to ME: Rodrigo y Gabriela – album by the same title

My favorite songs that I was introduced to this year:
“Ina Mina Dika” – it’s a RHYMING song from Bollywood and an old standard.

“Hold On” – KT Tunstall

“Wagon Wheel” – The Old Crow Medicine Show

“Myriad Harbour” – The New Pornographers

Honorable mention to the Brian Setzer Orchestra (you know him from Stray Cats) for “One More Night With You”

If I missed something you enjoyed, good. Go make your own list.

One thought on “Top 10

  1. IZenBet says:

    excellent choices of entertainment…fellow fidla!joy be upon you 2008…izen

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