Blog Housekeeping Notes

Hi all! I’m about two whole minutes from slumping over in my chair for no real good reason – lack of oxygen, lack of iron, Sam slobbered all over my pillow and left big gross soppy wet spots on it leaving me with an untested pillow, plus it’s like what… the crack of 7pm. It’s practically bed time and I still have things to do.

How that affects you? It doesn’t. Well, it does mean I’m not proof reading because the screen is one black and white blur (I wish I were exaggerating – but let’s all take a moment to thank my typing teacher for teaching me how to type blind).

Right… Housekeeping – seems I just titled my entry that, so I should probably make some reference to it. Some time ago I tried to update the template on this thing and I blew it. You may not have even noticed, but yesterday someone clicked on one of my links and the blog stats showed me where it sent them and I said WTH? (that’s an acronym for: “oh my goodness” – which is a nicer acronym than one that’s very similar which loosely translates to a more powerful “oh my stars and garters” – now you know what Hank McCoy really meant (yes, a shout out in this tired state to my geekiest readers)). I have since fixed that. So, if you’re the one who clicked The Daily Coyoyte link and received an error, well… that’s all fixed. You can also now see the other website I thought I posted. Right, lesson learned – next time I’ll verify the changes.

Housekeeping 2
You might have attempted to get to my site over the last week and noticed it was down. You can thank people who write spam scripts for that. They broke my site by attacking the Guestbook. The Guestbook is now disabled, which of course caused me to have a big ugly fit that I acted out the entire day. Hrmm… could be why I’m tired; it was a really BIG, blood vessel popping fit.

See, spammers and virus writers that impact my life and make me cranky enough that I’m about to drop at 7 pm (because I’m the angriest person you’ve ever met; I was just raised to be impossibly polite and quiet) always put me in the mood to rant about judicial canings administered on the White House lawn and broadcast for the world as a warning. I’d like their pasty white hides dragged out of their momma’s basement so they can be swatted like they were four years old before a national audience. I’d broadcast it on Fox, because that some how feels like the appropriate network. (Now, if I were a good blogger, I’d find the little blog I wrote about canings and have a link, but have I mentioned I’m tired?) This is all because I have to make changes to my site thanks to some (errr… I’m sure there’s a good acronym that would work here, but I don’t know it – anyway) … some pasty white dork living in some third world country or just next door preventing me from enjoying my 14 little comments that make my day (like when I’m having a day that ends with people being harmed to set an example for all annoying little script writing spammers). And while I can still see the guestbook, I can never look forward to more than those 14 without making changes to the site and that really pisses me off. I suppose I’ve calmed down enough that we can forego removing the first joint of their pinkies, but I’m still sticking to having a Vin Diesel type poke them in the chest repeatedly with his big meaty index finger – maybe flipping up the bills of their hats – because they’re probably those annoying little guys with their hats cocked to the side and those baggy pants. Of course, if the above offends you in any way, then I’m just kidding. Really. Spammers are just misunderstood and should be hugged. Maybe someone in the world would really like 200 postings about “male enhancement” aids and I’m just a bitter penis hater. Who am I to deprive them of future spam.

Right… to bed with me.

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