Geek Conversations

Co-worker: I’ve always wondered why Rogue doesn’t fly in the X-Men movies?
Me: Do you want to know?
Co-worker: Yes.
Me: Are you SURE you really want to know?
Co-worker: Tell me.

Twenty minutes later after covering both the history of Rogue in the X-Men and a smidge of the alternate universe the Age of Apocalypse, it turns out he really didn’t want to know.

Y’know, you try to warn people you’re a geek, but they never fully understand until you’re midway through your highly animated and extremely insightful lecture on one of Marvel’s most powerful mutants.

3 thoughts on “Geek Conversations

  1. Anonymous says:

    …and we’re drawing little hearts…because they’re in love…little hearts…LKR

  2. Lori says:

    Dude, while I’m sure it was an honor just to be nominated for geekiest, I am totally giving you the Academy Award for funniest. You hurt me. Where were you when I needed an interpreter during the Ray Carter days?

  3. Beth says:

    Lynn – I was hoping you’d put the quote in from the artist. 😀Lori – All you had to do was ask Ray to get Rocco to get me and I would have been there with my Universal Geek Translator. One day, you’ll have to tell the story about the “big gift” from Ray. It’s still one of my favorites.

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