Daylight Savings

…or Daylight Saving Time, if you prefer. I was informed the latter was the proper term, but really let’s just cut to the chase. I hate it no matter what you call it.
You see, I’m not a morning person and getting up an extra hour early, even if it means I’m leaving less of a carbon footprint, makes me fussy. Fussy in the way that would inspire your parents to consider you a moment then ask in a cutesy little begging to be hurt voice “Does someone need a nap?” That kind of fussy. In fact, I went up to a co-worker today and demanded, “do I look like a train wreck?” “No.” “Are you sure, because I feel like a train wreck and I’m pretty sure you can see it in my face.” I’m pretty confident he’s a bad liar and not to be trusted. I’ll be keeping my paranoid-due-to-extreme-fatigue eye on him until my body sorts out this whole time adjustment thing.

Seriously, can someone just pick a time. I don’t care which one – draw straws, pick a number between 1 and 2, flip a coin (and tell me that coin traveled 50 years to ultimately determine my bed time and the bed times of millions, I don’t care – just flip it and someone call it).

For the record:
I’m also against Sundays and any day that is the last day of a vacation. I have the emotional IQ of a 14 year old. The internet told me. It tells me things… especially when I’m dangerously sleep deprived.

I need a nap.

4 thoughts on “Daylight Savings

  1. Anonymous says:

    Move to Arizona! They dont play this silly, give and take a hour, game … God Bless the Rednecks in AZ!(and Beth and Scott)Toree

  2. Beth says:

    Why… why doesn’t this have an edit ability?

  3. Beth says:

    My friend Kendra mentioned the same thing – that she’d read about a study that showed more energy was used during DST – that people were coming homer earlier, turning down their AC’s when they’d normally be set higher.Regardless, I’m against it. And I’m against people who go around cheering that we had 3-4 weeks left of the old time. Where did the hostility about the old time come from? Republicans, that’s who and conservative religious fanatics… and maybe Karl Rove… at least that’s the story I’m spreading.

  4. Swanksalot says:

    Can’t find it now (after looking for almost 20 seconds!!!), but there was a study in Indiana comparing energy use when Indiana didn’t kowtow to the railroad companies (they initiated the daylight savings scam) and the last year or two, after Indiana joined the rest of the fools (though not AZ, apparently). Study found that Indiana used more energy when complying than when not. So the carbon footprint thing, at the least, needs more study. Monday I started work at 10 am, instead of 8 am. Stupid DST. (Ummm, not sure why I lost <>two<> hours, probably because I was still tired). <>Down with DST!!<>

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