“Glass Half Full!”

I’m a freak magnet. Just take my word for it. It’s just something about me – like Anna is good with computers, Jeff is good at drawing and well Beth, Beth is good at having crazy randomness bump into her.

I’ve had days when it’s been easy – studying for a test and some random stranger interrupts with an, “excuse me, but have you ever been to a Star Trek convention?” to a guy landing in my office and announcing “I have gangrene! Give me a knife so I cut it out of my leg.” Yes, I’m going to hand crazy a knife. Mmm hmm.

So, I don’t know really why I bother being surprised by it, but I always am.

Take Friday. I was sitting and waiting for some people when a guy pops in to ask what I’m doing. “Waiting, but I think the folks aren’t going to show because it’s Good Friday so I’ll probably be leaving soon.”
“Does this happen to you often?”
“No, not really.”
“Oh. Mind if I sit down?”
“Can I ask you a question?”
“What do contemporary Christians do on Good Friday.”
“Uhhh…” (They go to movies? They taunt me from home? Sleep-in?)
“Do they go to church?”
“I believe they go to mass.” (Yeah, the stations of the cross totally not in my head because I really wasn’t prepared for this question.)
“Oh. Ok. Can I touch your jacket?”
“Ummm sure?” Then he reached over and pinched my sleeve.
“Well, good bye! Glass half full, you know!”
… and he scampered away.
… and I had the biggest uhhhhh moment before I could finally actually send impulses from my brain to move my legs and run away.

I won’t even mention the Tai Chi moves he slowly performed except to mention them. But I must admit that I do plan to spend the next week annoying Jay and my friends by asking if I can touch random bits of their clothing and then shouting, “ok! Glass half full!”

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