Update for Charla

Since my step-mom uses this blog as an update on what’s going on (or what I’m thinking about) and I’ve been really bad about posting lately, I thought I’d update her. My apologies to the rest of you who probably are a couple of seconds from yawning if you go much past this sentence.

Sam – A few weeks ago she had a set-back. The right side of her face became paralyzed (previously it was her left side). Fortunately, since we’d been through this on her left side with visits to the neorologist, cat scans, spinal taps – all that kind of fun, we got her to the vet immediately and the recovery has gone a lot faster. Sam still can’t blink with either eye. So poor Sam, four times a day we try to convince her that sitting patiently while we smear goop in her eyes is fun. Of course, the peanut butter covered pills help. Although, she’d prefer those to the eye full of goop. Sam’s left eye now blinks more regularly, but it’s not consistent. Despite all of this and the added trouble of the cats popping her every time she looks at them wrong, Sam is one of the happiest and goofiest little dogs around.

Bowling – April is the last month of bowling and I plan on ending as the worst bowler of the year. WOO HOOO! You see, we get a ranking list once a week and there’s my name right there towards the bottom. “Suckiest Bowler in the History of Our League: Beth”. The handout used to include a “Least Improved” listing, but someone thought that was a little mean and they removed it. Still, I know in my heart that my name is there in the software.

Work Stuffs – I’m in the process of working towards a CAPM certification and should have it by the middle of the summer. This is the first step to me eventually getting a PMP certification (I just need the hours). Basically, I’ll be an authority on acronyms and will have a lovely piece of heavy paper with my legal name on it (yippee). I’m hopeful it will also include one of those little gold embossed thingies to make it look all official like.


  • Anna lost a bet and will be treating me to a fun-filled vacation day in the next couple of months. YAY!
  • It’s still not too late to get your Dragon Con tickets (Aug. 28-Sep. 1) for my 40 1/2 birthday. Guests are signing up and so far it looks like a decent BSG turn-out. I’ll be the one cheering madly in the front.
  • Lance’s Band the Killer Crocs of Uganda is performing at Momo’s on April 5, 11pm
  • Colt, April & Jonathan celebrate their birthdays in April. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (Now I don’t owe you cards.)
  • I still need people to come help me design a garden and give me lawn advice!!! HELP ME PLEASE! (I’m not kidding.)
  • …and I’m plum out of updates

4 thoughts on “Update for Charla

  1. Anonymous says:

    what’s wrong with your yard? -brandi

  2. Charla says:

    Awwww…thank you, my chosen child,for the updates. Give my grand-dog a big hug and a spoonful of peanut butter WITHOUT the pill.Bowling-Schmowling…don’t you know the only reason to do that silly thing is to wear the cool shirts? and as far as yard art goes, nothing beats a pink bowling ball perched on a concrete pedastle!While you are lurking around corners spying on the Ghostbuster guys, I will be wending my way around the Alaskan waters in one of those scary humongous hotels that “they” swear do not sink.hmmmm…PMP (Positively Metriculated Parlementarian?), CAPM (Catapaulting Association of Pygmy Majorettes?)..whatever, nothing warms the heart of a parental unit more than the extravagant display of framed certificates, esp those with embossed golden seals. Congrats!Nac Update: spent 12 hours at the county Democratic caucus (they should have catered for cripes sake)at the highschool gym…one side rabid Dems going at it, on the other side, excited, eager teens decorating for the Spring Fling with the saddest paper pinwheel flowers, glittered lettering (yes, GLITTER) and crepe paper streamers!Loves youStepMom

  3. Lori says:

    Dude, I totally had to look up “CAPM certification” and “PMP certification”. Dumb it down a notch, why don’t ya… Congratulations, though, on being a certified smarty pants. I thought of you this week when we got notice that Scout went out of business. Please tell me that whole fiasco is really high up on your long list of klru injustices.

  4. Beth says:

    Ugh! I can’t believe Scout went out of business when they had the best Membership database software of all the softwares we saw. Personally, I think it was the owner not knowing when to do things like “not send Elizabeth to talk to the customers EVER” that was part of the problem. And he should have never lost Scotty.

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