Bad Things/Good Things/Updates

Life is a balance…

Bad Things

  • I lost my cell phone. My obnoxiously girly pink phone that plays the theme to Indiana Jones.
  • A long time acquaintance finally succumbed to Cystic Fibrosis after a 41+ year battle.
  • The IRS asked for a kidney this year. Why not, I have two! Big thanks to a former employer for not entering my W-4 information in correctly (they took out a mere $105 for the year) – I don’t wish them ill. No wait, I do. Of course, shame on me for not noticing.

    Oh, and for the record, I do think that funerals should be deductible.
    …and really, I didn’t want to continue to take viola lessons, go to the movies, go to lunch, go out of town … I mean honestly, who does?

    I did try to talk a friend out of one of her kids, but she’s trying to convince me that the rebate they get for their kids is the government’s way of thanking them for not putting them up for adoption.

  • Eddie Izzard tickets sold out immediately. 😦
  • …and the number one – no, that deserves a special post
  • Good Things

  • Jay still had his old phone (my old one had actually died). I actually like it better than the pink one and it now plays the Pink Panther. (Indy wasn’t even an option.)
  • We were missing our groundskeeper, Ray, and found out he’d been hospitalized due to a terrible bicycling accident. He’s one of those people who puts everything he has into every job he does around the building – one of those people who doesn’t just do his job, he launches a full scale assault – and he does it with a smile. IN the middle of it, he’ll always pause a moment to say something that makes you feel special. I’m sure you’re thinking “bad thing” and it is… but I said to a friend “I think it would be nice if we could get the money together to get him a new bike”. I was hoping for a couple of hundred dollars tops. Well, we talked to each other, talked to a few co-workers and the word spread. The count as of a few hours ago – close to $1,000. When I talked to Ray at the hospital he said, “Beth, did you know if two people pray for me, God will hear them and I’ll get better?” On Wednesday, Ray is going to see just how many people were thinking about him, praying for him and hoping to see him get better.
  • The new (final (that should be under not so good))season of Battlestar Galactica started. I wouldn’t be a geek if I didn’t list this as a “good thing”. And it’s Roslyn – we can put money on it if you’re ready to send some my way – my kidney, the one that is about to be removed for shipment to the IRS, will thank you after dabbing the sweat off its little kidney forehead and breathing (yeah yeah, I know they don’t breathe – thanks smart alleck you) a sigh of relief.
  • The new neighbors have moved in – they both have “B” names which means the reign of the Stepford Julies might be coming to an end and a new “B” era is waltzing in. You’ve got to love them, because the first thing they did was cut down all of their trees, throw out all of their bushes and dump a big pile o’ dirt in their driveway. I’m sure the only Julie left (and the HOA) is having a complete stroke (there’s a form if you sneeze on a bush and a fine if no one saw the form). Their pool is going in at the moment and every day after work there’s the pounding sound of drilling (the ground is hard after 3 ft.) Of course, I’m at home sick today, so I see some Tylenol in my future.
  • Apricot chicken salad – ok, that may be the best thing EVER and it’s even better sitting in April’s cute new place.
  • Updates

  • Sam can almost regularly blink her left eye and is almost at the point where she can close the right. GO SAM!
  • Tap starts for me in about a month. I’M ECSTATIC! I LOVE TAP!!!
  • … and I’ll think up a real blog idea one day. No really. I’m just trying to avoid being overly morose and self-indulgent.
  • One thought on “Bad Things/Good Things/Updates

    1. Anonymous says:

      I forgot to get the Thai Spice potato chips. It doesn’t really go well with the apricot chicken salad, but they are ooohhh so good.~ April

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