What I’ll Do for Indy

They offered us four hours of leave if we walked 3.1 miles on Saturday. The exact amount of time I need so I can be in line for the first showing of the latest Indiana Jones movie when it comes out.

I wouldn’t be a “geek” if I had allowed this kind of opportunity slip by.

The day was beautiful, the air was cool and the only two things that could have made it more perfect were if I’d gotten a better parking spot (the 3.1 mile walked turned into a 4.1 walk) and if I’d had my friends to keep me entertained. Other than that… perfect. (Well, if someone had told me ahead of time they were just looking for that little label as proof – I could have slept in, enjoyed the weather and still gotten the four hours of leave. I guess some people knew better than to share that information early.)

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