Morning Antics

Ok, so I’m woefully behind on posting. I have no “real” excuse, but I have some amazing half-baked excuses that work for me. (See, they work for me so I’m not sharing, you might go back to the whole “half baked” thing, which is a little judgemental. I’m a little hurt, actually.)

In 2 minutes, I get to wrestle a cat into a crate. She’s the one animal in the house that is completely against car rides and crates and without knowing it she’s already planning to sing all the way to the vet – which is “singing” more in air quotes, which is the way I “sing”, too so I really shouldn’t complain.
Little Sage has to have some teeth pulled. It seems the pulp in both a molar and one of her canines has escaped the tooth and is seeping to make these painful little florets. Poor thing. And like a good cat mom, I’m blogging trying to pass the time away before I load the little hollering princess with claws up.
Wish me luck.

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