Kendra vs. The Angry Little Troll

Originally uploaded by thekie

Here’s Kendra’s shot where she upset the angry little troll that guarded Edward James Olmos. What you miss by just the picture is the woman hollering at Kendra to knock it off; it was priceless.

On a side note – the other celebrities who didn’t want to have their photos taken had a little sign in their area showing a camera crossed through – not the BSG table – I guess you’re supposed to glean that from the sky. It has always been up to the stars to make the rules (obviously, they have a right to control their image). I guess in this case, they couldn’t afford a sign so they went with the angry troll instead.

I did try to convince Kendra to go up and ask the woman for a shot of just her, but my bribes were apparently not big enough. I thought a nice shot of Kendra & the troll hugging would look great on my desk.

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