Birthday Stroll 2008

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As you know, I was born on Christmas… yes, I do still mean the actual day (just like I did last year). It’s not some sad plea for attention, I mean the 25th. Not Christmas the 27th or Christmas on January 3rd, but the day when our family happens to celebrate Christmas and that happens to be on the 25th. I’m not faulting you, if you celebrate on the 23rd. I just happen to be born on the day when my Gregorian calendar says it’s Christmas, but I understand if you’re more of a lunar calendar sort or you prefer to use the Nones, the Ides, and the Kalends to get a feel for your days. (Oh you people, you say you never learn anything from these posts. Honestly.)

Anyway,this isn’t about the actual day, which is still on Christmas Day (psst, December 25th). It’s about the birthday celebration and my friend April (whose picture I’m stealing for the blog).

For the past three years, I’ve been lucky enough to have a Birthday Planner – April B. We’ve bowled for trolls (where everyone who got a strike got to choose a surprise from “the bag of Mystery” oooo). We celebrated an “0” birthday with steak and highly personalized gifts (which still rank among my favorite presents – from the haikus to the shadow box) and this year was the Birthday Stroll, which took us from Mangia’s Pizza to the 37th Street Lights and back around to Amy’s Ice Cream. (If you’re not from Austin, let me highly recommend that you put Mangia’s and Amy’s on your “to do” and if you find yourself here at Christmas, skip the Trail of Lights (which is an advertisement for groups like Dell and Motorola) and head down to 37th Street – sure, it’s not what it used to be, but it’s still pretty darn fine). We had a long procession of friends and family and family who are my friends trailed down the street ooo-ing and ahhh-ing down one of the best block in Austin at Christmas.

Thank you to all who were able to come and celebrate another year with me. Thank you for your kind thoughts and gifts. And a huge thanks to April for making another birthday special (where I got to be the “Birthday Princess” and to Kendra for the 80’s music videos and Abba. (It was actually hard to follow conversations at times, because I’d get distracted by groups like Alphaville. My apologies if I zoned out on anyone.)

One thought on “Birthday Stroll 2008

  1. Susan says:

    Happy almost-birthday Beth!

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