January 10th? Anyone?

I’m having one of those moments where I’m pretty certain I’m forgetting an obligation. So, this is my plea to you (because I’m old and my brain doesn’t always work the way I’d like it to): if I’ve made some sort of plans, commitment, arrangement, scheme, agreement to do something or be somewhere and you’re expecting me to follow-through on Saturday, January 10th, could you give me some sort of hint as to where you’re expecting me to be and what time? Otherwise, I foresee a day of me not stepping foot outside of the house (with the exception of supervising Sam on her backyard wanderings). Oh, and because some of you were blessed with a funny bone, I’m pretty sure that whatever it is that I’m forgetting doesn’t involve me leaving town, dressing up, dancing and there’s definitely not any karaoke. I’m onto you.

One thought on “January 10th? Anyone?

  1. Henry Carl says:

    you were going to bring me a decent lunch at camp mabry so i didn’t have to eat the gov’t contract meal. thanks, beth! remember lunch starts at 11.– brandor

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