My Writing Process

I’m not sure what process everyone else goes through when they write; I tend to wait for inspiration, compose it in my head and then try to make it to the computer before it all disappears. That’s worked pretty well, except the last few times I felt inspired, it was 3am and I also happened to be using it as a tool to fall back asleep. Writing muses + sleeping muses are a bad combo if you want to put something up on a blog. When I got up that morning, really only hours later, I couldn’t remember what I’d been thinking about. In fact, we’re now a month away and I still haven’t a clue. My hope was that it would just “come to me”.

My other speed bump is I tend to rely on things to happen and all the things that have happened lately, I actually can’t write about. Dooce has taught all of us that “work” is a taboo, which leaves me with relatives/friends and I’d just end up teasing them to the point I’d get left off wills and not invited to family events or I’d say something that made everyone uncomfortable to the point they’d look around awkwardly and eventually close the page. Err, of course you guys I’m not saying I actually have anything like that to say – this is so hypothetical – like if I “had” something to say about my family… you get it, right? We’re still on for Easter?

I bought a journal, since I actually lost mine – a place where I could try to work out my ideas and possibly shape them into some sort of blog entry, but there’s just this one problem. The first page. It’s THE FIRST. Pressure says I should write something great or memorable on that first page, just in case someone picks it up, because it’s, y’know, THE FIRST and what if what I write is incredibly inane. Hell, I know it’s going to be inane – some drivel that I try to make worthy of a first page, when it should really be maybe the last page or tucked away somewhere in the middle. Really, the pressure is just too much. I think I’ll ignore the fact that it’s sitting next to me. Teach it a lesson for giving me such a complex.

So, that’s where I am with blogging at the moment. Those are a few of my demons dancing about.

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