Follow-Up to Friendship vs. BBM

I feel obligated to follow-up on a piece within that particular post of mine.

Most of you who know me also know Julie and know that Julie was alright and eventually grew up to become a doctor. While we may have walked a good mile or two back to her house like the oblivious teen morons we were, Julie did have the foresight to call her mom. In what seemed like minutes, her mom was at the house and we were speeding off to the emergency room. Trust me, there is nothing scarier than seeing your friend being hauled away on a gurney with a neck brace keeping their head immobilized. Well… not quite immobilized, she was able to keep popping her chin down into it so she could look around. The nurse was not amused and we all got a brief lecture on the seriousness of neck injuries. In fact, while she was off being examined, I was pretty sure (thanks to the lecture) that she was going to come back as a paraplegic.

But in all cases involving Julie and serious injury (I have many injury photos of black & blue body parts and the prize, a glorious x-ray of her elbow after it was wired together (as soon as she got to work at the clinic, she had them x-ray her bionic elbow again) – she’s a big fan of sharing and each scar tells a pretty amazing story of her resilience or maybe just her sheer luck. Sadly I never got one of the scar along her neck where she took a chain to the throat while riding full tilt on her mountain bike – again, another story that makes me shake my head), she came out relatively unscathed and was fortunately only incredibly sore the following days.

After the hospital, we were dropped back off to continue on with our summer errands (nothing would interfere with shopping at the strip mall down from the school). On the way back, we paused to look at the crosswalk she’d been in. You could see where the guy skidded straight through the crosswalk. That morning three lanes had stopped for Julie. The school zone lights had been flashing. One man had been in a hurry and pleaded with her not to turn him in as she sat dazed on the road. The teachers and bus drivers let him go – never got a name. A few years later, Julie lost a good friend – another classmate of ours – another driver who didn’t see some kids. He also drove off. The kids were found in a ditch by the side of the road.

Think of the follow-up as maybe a cautionary tale.

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