Post to Friends: My Dream

Every year I’m asked what I want for my birthday, just like the rest of you, and I sit on Amazon trying to think of things I wouldn’t mind collecting dust on a bookshelf; it’s my annual birthday/Christmas routine.

But you know what I really want? and not necessarily for my birthday? I want as many of you as possible in one place. From Dayton to Davis – from Montreal and New York to Las Vegas and all the places in between (like Texas, Texas and Texas – oh, and Indiana, don’t think you’re skating Wee One or you Miss Arizona). We could meet up in Chicago (I’m officially declaring it “middle-ish” – has a lot to offer I’m told, I can only personally comment on the airport and that seemed perfectly airport-ish – lots of gates and such) – maybe for a nice four day getaway?

It goes without saying that the invitation is open to any and all you wanted to drag along and it wouldn’t necessarily have to be a gathering of Texans and you ex-patriates (shame on all y’all) – you other state-ies are welcome. I even promise you won’t be forced to stare at me the entire 96 hours (I mean, we’d have to sleep some time, right?)

I’m completely serious, so you tell me what you think – how can we make this happen?

One thought on “Post to Friends: My Dream

  1. Roel says:

    I read this awhile back but I didn’t comment. I personally think this is a fantastic idea!

    Clay can relate with sharing a birthday with a big holiday. His birthday is on New Years Eve. Everyone usually has plans on NYE and nobody really cares that it’s his birthday because, of course, it’s NYE. LOL!

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