Wee vs. The Boards

Dear Wee,

After much grousing, a semblance of the boards has returned just for you.  Sure, evidence of your old charm is gone, but think of it as a new, fresh place to spread your message of big pulsing hearts and teddy bears – a bold new board. As a bonus, I bring you ads of women with lip burrs claiming to promote whitened teeth and side shots of belly rolls, because nothing says breakfast like coffee and a side order of belly roll.

Now don’t make me drive all the way to Indiana to force this on you. I don’t think I’d like Indiana. I’m sure it’s lovely, but its name starts with an “I”, which makes it a bit suspect. And since we’re so PC these days, I’m sure I’m supposed to stop at your boarder and protest, insisting its name be changed to Native Americana. Shameless turn-of-the-century hillbillies!

Anyway, I expect to receive the “Wee Registered for Your Boards” message today. Othwise, it’s “Unleash the Raven” time and do you actually want me to go there?  Now go click the link on the side before I flip out.


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