Day 1: The Continuing Saga of Sam & Some Bum Knees

Blinking in the Sun

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Deja-extracapsular repair, Beagle-philes! Here we are again. Sam just came home after tearing the CCL on her left knee and is sacked out in her crate, which I parked next to me.
Our girl can’t seem to catch a break. Our vet claims that fate brought her to loving parents who would take care of her. I corrected him and told him she refers to us as “marks”.

So, let me fast forward past the part where I realized her knee was torn and nearly threw-up. The realization occurred seconds after I desperately tried to talk myself into a denial period. Unfortunately, my brain wasn’t having it – mostly because her femur was sliding all over the place. Trust me when I say it wasn’t a pretty site. Plus, Jay knew and wasn’t about to play into my delusion.

The week’s whirlwind: We got her to our vet on Tuesday, they called our surgeon and scheduled an appointment for Wednesday, the surgeon operated on Thursday and after being monitored closely post-surgery, I got to bring her home today.

The positives (look, I need to make the list to help me make it through another six weeks – bear with me):

  • Everything got taken care of quickly – she was diagnosed and two days later she had a new knee.
  • We have all of the equipment – the harness, the rolling crate, etc.
  • Sam is a couple of weeks away from rehab, where she thrived the last time around.
  • We know we may survive round two based off the last time.
  • We’re now smarter about things: rub her ankle post surgery for swelling, the cone CAN come off if we’re watching her closely.
  • Sam is now 8 lbs lighter – a better starting point.


  • She’s still REALLY cute. Best dog ever.

Ok, I’m out of positives.

This is the absolute limit of my bandwidth. My patience has bottomed out. And if you see me smiling, know that it’s how I’m holding the chicken little side of me back. Personally, I’d like to go around screaming at the top of my lungs about the status of the sky for no good reason, then run in and hole up in the safety and darkness of my bedroom with Sam.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on Day 1.

One thought on “Day 1: The Continuing Saga of Sam & Some Bum Knees

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