Day 5: Toe Touches

Anyone whose had major surgery or knows someone (or some pet) that has had major surgery understands that the days are made up of little victories.  For Sam, that’s toe touches.  Why is it a big deal?  Because Sam went over a week after her last surgery without trying to put her leg down.  The optimist that I am (family trait) went around solemnly predicting that she would never use that leg again.   When I left the surgeon’s office the first time, I had a little script of what would happen and by week two I was supposed to be allowed to walk her up and down inclines, down the street and back and the reality was that Sam could only hop about slowly – no interest in putting her leg down.  Inclines and mini-walks were out of the question.  I remember calling the surgeon’s staff who were not appropriately distressed and they tersely promised to readdress the problem if she wasn’t touching her toe to the ground by the time she had her sutures removed.  (This is where I needed some snugs and cuddles – reassurance that Sam was on her own schedule and not some vet assigned script.)

This morning, I carried Sam down the back stairs and plopped her onto the grass.  Sam disapproved of the spot, eye-balled me and indicated we were going some place WAY better – better grass, better view of the neighbors, nicer smells, etc.  As she hopped along, I noticed that every few hops her paw would come down to propel her forward.  Now, I’m not too surprised she’s progressing more rapidly with this paw for a couple of reasons:  1) She’s been using that leg to brace herself on the ground when she potties (something she did not do post-surgery on the other paw) and 2) I think it’s her favorite leg.  No really.  You’re right-handed (well, not you – I know you’re left-handed) and Sam is rear left-pawed (which would make her right front-brained?)

Hooray for small paw victories!  Just a week and a half from doggie rehab (balance boards, water treadmills and doggie massages).

3 thoughts on “Day 5: Toe Touches

  1. Lori Holliday says:

    Hello? I leave for a long July 4 weekend, get back today, begin to catch of on my “dailies” (of which The Mess) is one…and I learn that Sam is in distress again! I am so sorry, Beth! What did she ever do to deserve this? UGH! It does sound a wee bit better than last time but I know that does very little to comfort you. Hang in there and needless to say, keep us updated!

  2. Beth says:


    I think Sam was feeling a little left out of the blog and this was her way to reassert herself. I need to remind her that doing something CUTE would work just as well. We don’t always have to go for the major surgery – the crate just isn’t as fun as it appears.

    Next time you’re in town, you’ll have to meet her. She’s pretty darned cute, which is a good thing in this case. 🙂

  3. Kendra says:


    I’m glad to hear she’s having a speedier recovery than the first round. May it continue! And give her hugs from Aunt theK!

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