I need your help, so that means I need all 10 of you to grab your thinking caps and prepare to brainstorm.  It’s like a work session, only you don’t get paid and there isn’t any free coffee cooling in the back.  With that said, I’m sure you’re enthusiastically rolling up your mental sleeves in preparation.  C’mon.  Do it for me?

First up, I need ideas.  Are there any stories you’ve heard me tell that you’d like to see on the blog?  Anything you want more information on?  (Like yes, I did secretly yearn to be in drama and longed to become a cheerleader and dance for the drill team.  I mean, that’s an example.  Of course, I didn’t want to do any of that.  I was soooo beyond that in high school. *cough*)

A quick guideline on that: Work is strictly taboo.  I know  those stories are hysterical over Mexican Martinis, but in order for you to continue hearing them, I have to remain employed.  Certain family stories are off limits.  Yes, I know exactly where I come from and you do, too; however, some of the family are in denial and may have a different take on past events.  Also, I’m not going to shout about my political beliefs.  Mine are right.  If yours differ, it’s because of a tumor or brain injury on your part and quite possibly a bad upbringing.  It’s not fair for me to tease you about that.  (To that one person up north who just glared in my direction.  You can’t actually hit me from so many states away. I’ve done the research.)

Now, I will say that Lori is a bit ahead of her time (aka Overachiever), a couple of  years ago she gave me a ton of story ideas that I believe I’ve now worked my way through.  So, I need more.

Seriously though, I’d love to hear story ideas or maybe even blog ideas.  Maybe this blog needs to change.  It’s come a “little” way in four years – it’s moved from the concept of having a shared hub of my friends blogs to being fairly me-centric  (hey, I’m reasonably knowledgeable on the subject).  It’s gone from a Blogger backend to now a WordPress backend (I think that was a great move).  And with WordPress driving it, the blog definitely has a different look/feel.  Which brings us to the second thing I need your help with.

The Big Blue Mess logo – I’m attached to it, but the original high res image crashed and burned some time ago.  (Thus killing the dream of your own Big Blue Mess Chistmas mugs or that t-shirt with the image on the pocket.  Now you have a better understanding of why you got a different set of crappy presents last year.)  What I’m looking for is a banner for the Big Blue Mess – something sharp, something blue and something messy and I need it on the cheap.  This is a HUGE thing I’m asking, which I’m completely aware of as I have a friend in graphic design who tends to make low threatening growling sounds whenever I broach the subject.  Growling is kind of scary.  Do any of you have any ideas? Know of someone cheap?  (Feel free to send me a note to discuss my idea of “cheap”.)

Basically, after all this improv and discovering that every single one of my classmates is some sort of creative genius.  (Coudn’t they have just settled for “creative talent” or “creative dabbler”?)  I feel like I should step up my game and at least look sharper – maybe post once a week (CRAZY!)- and that’s why I’m turning to you, my audience of ten. 


2 thoughts on “BRAINZZZ!

  1. Lori Holliday says:

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with! You know I love your blog!

    Wait a minute…you thought that mentioning my name in this pst might keep me from jumping in with more annoying ideas. Oh, but you underestimate me and my ability to annoy!

    Have you ever considered a weekly feature of some kind? I have no idea what you might like to feature…maybe a “Sam moment” of the week? I’ve really been missing Austin lately so it might be fun to see Austin through your eyes – feature one of your favorite Austin things once a week. Maybe a day where you feature some pictures or video from your life (I’m a simple person…I love to see people’s pics!). Maybe you decide to tackle the hardest song ever written for the viola and you tell us how it’s going once a week and then at the end of a year we are rewarded with a video of your performance!

    I’d also like to hear more about “improv”. I mean, I think I know what improv means but I don’t really know what it means. Are you given scenes to act out? Situations that you have to respond to? Is it all done on a stage or in a classroom? Tell me more!

    Okay, that’s it for now. Thanks for sharing your stuff with us. Love it!

  2. Beth says:

    Lori – brilliant as always! I knew I could count on you! Let me mull a bit and see what I can come up with, but I really like the idea of a Sam moment – Austin things may be harder – you know how leaving the house is scary – there’s like sun and stuff, BUT it would give me the opportunity to break out my real camera and do the walk about I’ve always intended to do.

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