The Reformat Aftermath

One of the great joys of having your system hacked and getting to reformat your hard drive (I type lacing each word with a heavy dose of dripping sarcasm) is not only getting to reinstall every application you’ve ever had, but things like unearthing product keys for downloaded  software can present a very special kind of “that’s neat” when you’re not sure where that information is written down.  That’s when you discover that the backup CDs you ordered “just in case” didn’t include the backup key on the CD case and you realize that in your haste you forgot to export your Outlook files  (I didn’t really need that information, right?) since they probably had some important emails containing the sought after information.  Thankfully, in my case, at least one product key was in an email I had at work.  Downside,work didn’t have about 8 years of stored important emails that got eaten.  Whoops.  Also, reestablishing old network connections can be tricky when you’ve completely lost the password.  My goal sole goal last Friday was to completely restore my entire system and I was mad and not entirely rational.

I’ve now reloaded most of my software, but as I mentioned, I’ve lost a network connection and I need to pick your collective brains.  Do any of you know of a place that is not Flickr, Picassa or even WordPress where I can store a mass of photos for this site? (I know you all were desperate to see my geek photos from the last post – how you made it through without pictures is a testament to your strong will and tenacity.  I said photos would be coming soon once I had that connection up and running again, but “soon” is relative – stop pressuring me!

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