I Am a Mighty Maker of Things!

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My grandmother sewed, my father sewed (and does carpentry and codes and is a professor and volunteers for Habitat for Humanity and gardens and has a bee hive (with actual bees, not the hairstyle – well, not around mixed company) and studies Permaculture), my step-mother sews/draws/paints/takes photographs, and one of my good friends bakes/paints/sews/eats copious amounts of cupcakes (a skill, honest) and is a photographer while married to a sculptor/cartoonist/painter/artist type. Jay’s family sew, knit (including Jay), crochet, fly (performing aerobatics), create delicate/intricate pieces of woodwork, build things. Overachievers – the lot of them.

I blog.

Until Saturday when I cracked open my sewing machine that my parents sent me for Chirstmas and I put my birthday gift card to use on fabrics. I have now successfully crafted my very first purse.

I am a MIghty Maker of Things! Tremble before me world, I have thread! Make room family and friends, I am joining your illustrious crafty ranks. Err… I promise not to take up too much room.

3 thoughts on “I Am a Mighty Maker of Things!

  1. Kendra says:


    I’ll say it again, that purse is super awesome. You need your next batch of cloth!

    (and I agree, eating copious amounts of cupcakes is a skill!)

  2. Lori says:

    Open your own Etsy shop! Do it!

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