The Rehearsal

We had our first run through of our 301 Improv show yesterday.  (Did I mention there’s a show coming up?  March 11th, 10pm? Get your tickets now before they sell out (and they will sell out).  The place only seats about 50 and I want you there versus some crazy co-worker who got wind of it accidentally.)  Anyway, back to the rehearsal.  It went really well and I have to admit I’m getting kind of excited.  I think I can actually do this thing.

Of course, the reason I felt good about it (despite dropping the ball as a sports caster – I admit, the only sport I watch is Sasuke aka Ninja Warrior and it hasn’t properly trained me to call events like “slow motion toilet paper olympics”, but I promise to pay closer attention to the announcers next time) is because I let fly a whole lot of f-bombs.  That’s right, I swore up a small storm. The only thing that would have made it more perfect would be some blasphemy, a package of cigarettes and glass of Scotch.  Look, day in and day out, I wear sensible shoes and my poly-blend work uniform.  I smile.  I adopt my polite work voice.  I chit-chat about the weather and the state of our elevators (which seem to be working at the moment). I don’t step on toes.  When I’m feeling rebellious, I wear my Punisher t-shirt beneath a sweater or I emphatically say, “shoot!” or “GOLLY!” when I’m mad.  This leaves a person a little bunged up – kind of twitchy come 5pm and I have to unstir the pot that allowed me to be “delightful” for 9-10 hours.  Once Saturday rolls around, I’m a little punchy and I find I’m up on stage challenging you about your f*in’ potatoes.  All care of one too many “I heard a pacific front is rolling in, I think that might mean rain.  We sure could use it.” conversations.  I feel dirty just typing those sentences.

Anyway, back to the rehearsal.  We ran through many of the short form games we’ll likely be performing (on the 11th, get your tickets now) and everyone was just “on” as if having escaped from their own personal poly-blend, weather chatting workdays.  April even cried, which most of you know sends me into giggle fits.  So, what I’m trying to say is if you can make it, you’ll be in for a real treat – there are some incredibly talented people in my class.  And for a few of you this will be the first time you’ve seen me sans a viola performing (although, you never know, I could whip out an air viola if the scene called for it – I kind of rock air viola). For the rest of you, it will be the first time you’ve seen me perform.  LUCKY YOU!!  And just think, April and me TOGETHER! FOR THE FIRST TIME ON STAGE!  It kind of makes you want to pick up those $5 tickets right now before they sell out.

See you there!

One thought on “The Rehearsal

  1. Diane J. Hernandez says:

    Ladies, the game is on! And I truly believe you, Beth and April, will do as Nike says, “Just do it!”

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