Retraction: Every Quake You Fake

My husband would like it noted (and by “like it noted” I mean he may have said in passing “that’s not me, that’s you”) that he does not in fact make fun of The Police’s “Every Breathe You Take” and if he did, it would only occur when his wife was doing it, too.  (Well, how could you not? The song kind of begs for it. It’s not MY fault. I didn’t write the lyrics.)

We here at the Big Blue Mess deeply regret this misrepresentation of our husband’s disposition towards The Police and did not intentionally mean to infer that the aforementioned husband took joy in mocking rhyming schemes, especially songs that included words that rhyme with “ake”.  (Ok, we totally did mean to infer that, but I take it back – uncle. Poetic license!)

3 thoughts on “Retraction: Every Quake You Fake

  1. DeAnne says:

    I turned on the car radio today & heard the strains of “Every Breath You Take” & thought of Jay…

  2. Beth says:

    It must be coming back, I just heard it on the radio this week and of course, sang it at the top of my lungs – wrong lyrics and all!

  3. Carolyn Blankenship says:

    You mean, there’s NOT a line that says something about ‘every lake you rake?’ ‘Every snake you shake is my favorite so far.’ I hope there will be others. You go, Jay!

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