Hey, That’s Not New

So, your feed led you astray with its promises of something new did it?  But you read along anyway only to realize you were right in the middle of my blogging past – like a blog time machine sucked you somewhere strangely familiar – a dejablog.  Yes dear “feed”ers, you’ve been tricked!  Why it isn’t a new post at all, it’s merely a “fixed” post.

I confess that while it is ultimately the feeds fault, I suppose I should take partial blame.  You see, I have a habit of looking to see what readers are linking to and when I see a post was accessed that I personally haven’t read in a while, I run over there to see if what I said was brilliant.  (Oh yes, one day the answer will be “yes” – maybe not today or tomorrow, but one day.  One day the words will flow and they will be both beautiful and typo-free and the world will say, “oh, Beth” and I will respond with a modest blush, “oh, you”.)  Back to reality. What I usually find are a few little typos winking and waving at me in an annoyingly taunting way and I’m forced to smack them down for being sassy.  Of course, that’s when your feed says “lookee! something new!” and I suppose it is new – you’ve now got a few new words that can be found in the dictionary – words that won’t be underscored in red if I’d actually bothered to run a spellcheck to begin with.  Details.

That’s a long way to say that I apologize (kinda) if you suddenly found yourself in the middle of Sam’s knee saga today (or found yourself reading about my Star Trek shirt or my disdain for Houston or some other random post from years past).  I promise I’ll keep doing it as long as I continue to type(o) these posts.  That there is a Big Blue Mess GUARANTEE!

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