Day 1: June Creativity Challenge

I just finished having dinner with my friend Kendra and learned that there is a creativity challenge going on where participants commit to doing something creative every day for the month of June.  For Kendra’s husband Jeff, the artist, he and his friends typically draw a comic a day (or they have in the past) (Psst – You can follow his current, non-daily comic The Machinators here).

Since I love a good creative challenge, I immediately latched onto the idea and began to develop a plan of attack by panicking and whining loudly.  See, I’m one of those super right-brained people.  I find beauty in math and science.  Why did I love playing in orchestra for years?  Because it’s math with rhythm.  For instance take today, Day 1 of this challenge.  I looked back at what I had accomplished and it basically involved chores, the grocery store and making a cake… out of a box.  I like things in boxes – you just add a few more things and voila!  Instant whatever!  This is why I surround myself with friends who do things like cook, take photographs, write, whatever – I’m their number one non-creative fan.

Kendra suggested a photo a day or maybe a haiku.  I threw out a blog a day and then thought about my friends and family and other readers dropping me before we even reached Day 7.  Don’t leave me!!

I thought about telling a story from various years in my life, Kendra offered up the idea of birthday stories.  I threw up a whiney roadblock – you see, I’ve heard most people can remember their birthdays, but the problem is that I was born on Christmas Day and really, unless we’re talking about the last 13 years or so when I’ve thrown myself parties, I really didn’t have many that were particularly distinct from Christmas.  I know, it’s sad. (Not really.)

So, maybe I can compromise.  I will try to do something creative each day and will post it here.  I will TRY to keep it short and maybe some of those days you’ll actually get a haiku or possibly a photo.  Try to bear with me and please remember a very important fact: This is all Kendra’s fault.

One thought on “Day 1: June Creativity Challenge

  1. Kendra says:

    YAY!!! You can do it!

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