Sam Update: Back to the Orthopedic Specialist

Not too long ago I proclaimed that Sam had gone a full year without a major medical event.  When I made that hesitantly bold (not an oxymoron) statement I then asked that everyone knock on wood in an attempt to not anger the fates that clearly have it in for beagles.  Well, it looks like some of you clearly skimmed that bit and shirked your wood knocking duties.  Nosirree, you just couldn’t be bothered to tap on something wooden.  I suppose I can’t prove you’re to blame, so I might let you slide.  It could also be that I didn’t go big enough on my request.  I asked that Sam have one year of being medical event free when I should have asked for something more like “one year and a day” or maybe “TWO years”.

About a week ago, Sam had to be rushed to the vet.  I’ll spare you the details.  Suffice it to say it was kind of gross and she was in a great deal of pain.  When she got home, she just collapsed on the floor exhausted from a really bad vet visit.  I crossed my fingers and hoped that this would be Sam’s big thing for this year and the rest of the year would continue on quietly.

I couldn’t be that lucky. Tomorrow she gets to head back to the orthopedic surgeon to be examined (as a precaution). While I love and trust my vet, I love and trust my orthopedic vet that much more.  With Sam it’s just better to go big from the beginning.  Right now, Sam can’t stand without whimpering.  Stairs are out of the question and we’re back to carrying her into the backyard.  I also discovered that her trusty harness causes her pain when I lift her.  All of this adds up to me being hyper-concerned and going back to the land where I become insane.  Best case scenario is that her arthritis is flaring up thanks to the humidity, but the world I live in isn’t about the “best case” so I’m preparing for the worst.  (I have some first-rate martyrs in my family; genetics demand that I don’t let them down.)

So, if you wouldn’t mind, send some positive beagle energy Sam’s way.  She could use it.  I’ll do my part and ask that Sam be incredibly healthy for the next 5 years.

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