Sam Update: The Mighty Huntress

Yard Snacks by Big Blue Mess
Yard Snacks, a photo by Big Blue Mess on Flickr.

Well, Sam got a bird yesterday. (Jay couldn’t get to it before she did.) I can’t decide if I’m full of pride that our gimpy little beagle managed to live out some feral dream or feel bad for the poor creature whose last moments left it the mockery of all its be-feathered friends and family. I mean really, there you are unable to take flight one last time and you’re stuck watching in horror as some clumsy “handi-capable” beagle gallops over to finish you off with a mighty “nom”. Oh no, couldn’t be a coyote or some sort of wild cat, nope it’s a disabled beagle.  Oh, the shame!

Sam was super excited after making her first kill and I hear she did a beagle victory dance. Oh, to live the beagle dream! Sam the Mighty Huntress!!!  Killer of Things!

I guess it’s about time we sit down and finally have the talk with her about hunting and foxes – her not so proud genetic inheritance. We can’t afford to shelter her any longer.

5 thoughts on “Sam Update: The Mighty Huntress

  1. Shari says:

    Sam is a badass!!

  2. wagnerowicz says:

    once they get that first taste of blood it’s all over. watch your back, missy. watch. your. back.

  3. Beth says:

    That’s exactly what Jay said last night. We’re going to have to sleep now with one eye open… maybe two. She’s a killer!

  4. Lori says:

    Go Sam! Love it.

  5. Well good for her … not so good for the snack! One of my German Sherpherds (Rocco, the Meat Head) caught a bird … with it flapping in his chops, he turns to me with a WTF! look on his face .. Spit the bird out and ran around the yard wiping his tongue with his paw. Terry moved the dazed but unharmed bird to higher ground where it flew off laughing at the big wussy dog.

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