The Things I Love

Finding the perfect gift can be challenging at times.  I’m one of those people who strives not to give next year’s white elephant gift or Goodwill donation.  Like many, I’m not always successful, but I have to admit that  lately I kinda feel like slugging myself in the shoulder while giving myself a sly little “atta girl” wink.  (I clearly need more mirrors in the house.)

Among the cast of characters in my life that you occasionally get to read about is is my friend April.  She’s usually starring in the recurring role of “truly great friend”.  And she’s one of those great gals in my life’s line-up who does just about anything for everyone, sometimes making great personal sacrifices to ensure everyone around her is getting to enjoy their lives.  She isn’t always as appreciated as she deserves and sometimes is a bit like Atlas, bearing the weight of all of our troubles. Yet, she perseveres.

This summer, I had the chance to give her a gift with the help of the amazingly gifted singing improv troupe, Girls Girls Girls Improvised Musical Comedy which includes the beautiful Shana Merlin and Aden Kirschner (the gals you’ll see in the middle).  They also happen to be two of my improv teachers/heroes, and two of the coolest gals you’ll ever meet.  It turns out Girls Girls Girls were having a little fundraiser to get to NYC for an upcoming improv festival (The New York Musical Improv Festival, November 1-6 at the Magnet Theater – you New Yorkers, you should go – you’ll love it. Yes, I’m specifically calling you out Jerry and Karen) and I needed a fun way to let April know just how cool I think she is and thank her for the things she does – in that special way that involves telling a lot people several embarrassing stories.  That’s love.

So, without further ado – my gift to April:

April, good luck pawning this one off!

2 thoughts on “The Things I Love

  1. Your night is what its like when my family get together … Now I miss them and will need a giant gathering … soon (God, I am aware of your sense of humor and want to say upfront … NOT at a funeral, por favor!)

  2. Beth says:


    Hopefully your wish will be granted with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner. How do I get an invite to your gathering? I believe there are some cheez whiz dishes and some special pies I want to try out!

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