Thank You, My Old NY

I wanted to make a quick post to sing the praises of a fellow blogger – a great gal who writes My Old NY Just Ain’t What She Used to Be and who also happens to be a genealogy nut.  Give her an old postcard or photo and she’s on its tail tracking it down through history along with the people who once brought it to life. She also has a fairly passionate dislike for hipsters especially the trendy cupcake vending kind, so like I said – a great gal.  My Old NY (can I call you “My” for short?)  just spent the last few days helping me track down and work through a part of my family tree that has stumped me for a long while.  A piece that a relative once said “everyone gets this part wrong” but didn’t give me any clues how to make it right. Well, she helped clear that up.  She is awesome!  (Now if she could just help me track down the rogue software that seems to have disappeared so I can plug all this information in that would be swell.)

Thank you, My for tracking that information down and really making my week!!

3 thoughts on “Thank You, My Old NY

  1. wagnerowicz says:

    OMG, you’re a lunatic. But thank you 🙂 now, do me a favor an take my daughter to karate cause it’s raining/snowing and i really don’t feel like going out. 😉

  2. Beth says:

    Rain? Snow? This is crazy talk. That’s the kind of stuff you only see on Hallmark cards or at the movies. Plus, I’d have to unbundle and rebundle – it’s a chilly 68 in the house, BRR! Time to break out the big coat and heavy boots! More layers!! Are you sure you can’t let her just throw on her gi and kick things in the house? Maybe invite her to an unsuspecting moms for a play date?

  3. wagnerowicz says:

    no, she has to go. I used to be a drunken metal-head, but now i’m one of those respectable (albeit tattooed) mom types who only drinks at night. which reminds me that I have to go the liquor store. I’ve taken a fancy to Gentleman Jack. she did get a five minute major for fighting the other day, her father was so proud. some kid hit her so he elbowed the little bastard just like she learned in school. ahhh, the joys of motherhood.are you on FB? this would be much easier. I’m on G+ too, much simpler and no invasive advertising.

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