A Further Commitment

Since I’m making all sorts of commitments these days, I thought I’d add one more:

I will (try to) stop spreading the vicious (albeit entirely true) rumor that one of my co-workers eats gluten-free babies (food allergies, you know – gluten rich babies can wreak havoc on the stomach – can’t be too careful) just as soon as she stops eating them.  That’s a Big Blue Mess guarantee right there.

I will also attempt to not roll my eyes at the next co-worker who hears these rumors in hushed whispers within the safe confines of my cubicle and asks quite sincerely (and a bit naively), “Beth, are you serious?”  Of course, I’m serious.  Gluten-free baby eating cannibals is a rising menace in the work place.  You should be ever vigilant!

Ok, off to work on my office awareness campaign.  (Which is a lot like avoiding work on my sketch for class. Cannibals are much more interesting than this 2nd draft.)

2 thoughts on “A Further Commitment

  1. Oh, no!!!! Do we need to pile up gluten free products in the shape or a cross or pyramid to ward off the wandering starving danger? Is there a concern they might progress munching larger meal entrees? Oh, no! (wringing hands)

  2. Beth says:

    I think we may have to make all of the wards out of gluten rich items; that will surely drive the work cannibals away. And I think you’re onto something that we may need to add to the awareness campaign – gluten free baby eaters might well evolve to gluten free teen eaters and then who knows? gluten free young adults? the gluten free elderly?!?! I sense a true menace growing in our cubicle-ed midsts.

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