Cheating: The June Creativity Challenge

Judging by my calendar it looks like it’s time for the June Creativity Challenge.  You remember this challenge from last year, right?  This is the one where you challenge yourself to do something creative each day in June.  If you recall last year’s challenge, I tried to regale you with any thought that popped into my head throughout the month of June by way of a blog post.  Well, this year I’m giving you all a reprieve from the daily nonsense that floats through my head.  I just really don’t have 30 days of creativity in me.  Plus, it’s already the 3rd and as of today I can only boast about finishing off the first season of “Sherlock”, finally finishing The Poisonwood Bible, getting my hair cut and going to the grocery store.  It seems like there was some lawn watering while we’re in a drought that occurred, as well.  There are hardly “creative” adventures – more “stretch out across a large chair” events. (Well, obviously not the grocery store, although I would probably mind elbowing 500 people less (and being elbowed) if we were all comfortably seated and pushed slowly conveyor belt style through each aisle – of course, I’d require soothing music, that my chair be accompanied by a personal sycophant with long arms and a keen eye for healthy and delicious ingredients and that I be given a handful of wild flowers as a thank you for my continued patronage while I exited in a quite relaxed fashion from the store.)

Anyway, as I was saying – I have no creativity in me for June (the grocery store dream took it out of me), but I can give you a taste of what you will be “missing” in terms of daily blog entries:

  • Oh dear, the sun is up again and it looks like another work day (there would be about 20 of these entries where I’d carefully try to avoid writing anything that would get me in trouble should a co-worker discover my blog  – which is not to say that each day isn’t pure joy wrapped in amazing opportunities and delightful co-workers – because that’s what each day is, dear co-worker who might be reading – I wake up smiling knowing I’ll be bundled-up in the warm glow of your work ethic and know in my heart that when you inquire “do you know the difference between a noun and an adjective” of a fellow co-worker, you’re just showing genuine interest in their formal education).
  • Sam sure is cute.  Look at those ears.  That nose.  How she chases those rabbits for a whole 10 seconds before resigning herself to the realization that they will continue to hop and refuse to roll over and let her snack on them.  Bunnies can be so selfish.
  • Something is growing in the garden!  I bet it’s more tomatoes and bell peppers!
  • Did you see the latest blockbuster movie where something exploded? Let’s discuss.
  • I had to eat my sketch teacher’s face because he didn’t respond to yet another email about “the plan”, I’m OCD and I didn’t write the email for my health.  Clearly, the face had to be snacked upon.  The world can now be my character witness.
  • Did I mention sketch?  We held auditions (not yet – this would be a future blog entry), people showed-up, we cast them and now we’re watching them rehearse our words in preparation for a show that will run for four weeks in August.  Exciting!  I’m not sure how I feel about that one person’s interpretation of my mummy.  Hrmm.  I’ll send a note to my sketch teacher about that – no, I can’t because I had to eat his face earlier. (Aside: mummies are sketch comedy gold or so I’m telling myself.)

So, there it is – a summary of potential daily June blog posts filled with the drivel from my head that I won’t make you suffer through. You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “Cheating: The June Creativity Challenge

  1. CJ says:

    Hey, I thought you were having a photography challenge for June…that would be creative, right?

    • Beth says:

      CJ – Yes, there is a photography challenge, but it’s not the same as the June Creativity Challenge. In the latter challenge, you agree to do something creative each day of June. In the former, I can knock out three rolls of film in a day and call it good.

  2. Drivel is as good as gold…..
    No, did not mention fool’s gold –
    Well, you started it up with that Mummy’s being sketch comedy gold…oh? It’s wrapped up mummies not rapping mommies?
    Oh, well, I’ll go sit quietly over’s June, too soon.
    Dribble on.(You are just so on the ball) – always a chuckle here!

  3. Beth says:

    Ooo, rapping mummies? The Original East Coast Wrappers! I like where this is going! I must jot this down in the book of sketch ideas that should be realized! Wrapping Mommies: A Mother’s Day Gift! A Day of Surprise! I wonder if Hallmark is onto this!

    As always, love it when you post your posts and post comments! It’s like words wrapped in smiles. 🙂

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