Just an Ordinary Day

Our garage is like almost any garage – kind of ordinary in its rectangular-ness mixed with a hint of boring.  It’s a space where only cars and items that aren’t quite loved enough to hangout inside live.  The occasional yard tool loiters aimlessly against the wall. Every day I come home, open the door and am greeted with the sameness – the blandness.  A life tucked away slowly passing through each season.  I spend as little time as possible there.  No particular reason to linger. Just grab everything from the car, close the door and wait for another day.  Ordinary.

Then came Saturday when I opened the door and found…

Photo Bomb! From left to right: Holt Boggs, Topping Haggerty (Director), Jonathan A. Spear

Closeup! Holt Boggs & Jonathan A. Spear

Ahhh! Magic!

Be sure to look for “Fifi and Mr. Pickles” a short by Topping Haggerty coming to you later this Summer.

3 thoughts on “Just an Ordinary Day

  1. Nothing’s better than Garage Magic! (if garage magic is any relation to garage bands – watch out!)
    Staying tuned – who couldn’t? Fifi and Mr Pickles!

    • Beth says:

      Glad you came over to hang out in our garage! I think this is going to turn out really well. It was a great day. A lot of fun! The actors were really great and Topping’s sketch had us laughing the entire time. Best part, I got to just hangout (as evidenced by the pictures taken of me where I’m just goofing around – which I’m not sharing, because there was an excessive amount of lounging and playing with my phone BUT that little phone took those pictures so it counts as being helpful, right?).

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