Dunes: The Teaser

First a disclaimer: I’m typing this directly into WordPress, which means a couple of things: 1) I will doubtlessly not hit save, lose all my words, and then spend the rest of the day being mad at the Universe, because it’s constantly trying to provoke me, and 2) there will be even MORE misspellings, typos, bad grammar than you’ve come to expect, and I will spend hours – possibly months – revising this post and cleaning it up.  As I’ve told people in the past: Do not read my posts for at least 24 hours after they’ve been posted.  I’m the worst editor.  Sure, I re-read before hitting post, but apparently I’m high when that happens because I usually find 30 more errors 8+ hours later.  I think it’s because I unwittingly slip into alternate dimensions, but that hasn’t been officially proven, and my psychiatrist always makes the skeptical face while scribbling copious notes whenever I mention it. Doubter.

So, I finally created a teaser for the Dunes sketch after posting the Dunes actual sketch.  It makes sense if you do things backwards like say Merlin. For the record, Merlin experiencing time backwards was really just a T.H. White devise and is not mentioned anywhere else, so for our purposes I’m referring to T.H. White’s Merlin.  I’m glad we got that straightened up, too.

XKCD Comics – http://www.xkcd.com

It came about like this (this is ACTUAL dialog – yessiree, I’m like a human digital recorder):

Me: Hey Richard, we never got around to creating that teaser.

Richard (Director of Photography/Sketch Writing Comedic Genius – look for his upcoming reality show on YouTube): Grasshopper (a reference to Kung Fu, Starring David Carradine – conceptualized by Bruce Lee who had his idea stolen by Warner Bros. ANYWAY) Grasshopper (he had to repeat, because your head was being filled with more fun facts about Kung Fu) AHEM! Grasshopper!

Me: Yes?

Richard: Didn’t you get movie editing software for Christmas?

Me: I’m confused.

Richard: It’s time, Grasshopper.  Snatch the video from my hand and create the Dunes teaser. Then YOU will be the master or well, you’ll get your feet wet which is a great idea.  I always encourage people to learn to edit their own videos so they get a feel… (there were more words here, but I was getting a “battery low” warning on my memory and had to take care of that by generally drooling and thinking about ponies. It helped push down the panic attack associated with me installing and playing with the video editing software.)

The prodding worked.  Well, it took me a few weeks, but that’s not what matters.  What matters is that yesterday I sat down and played and posted a video then I came back this morning and played around some more.  The result is below.  Note: if you saw the teaser on FB yesterday, this is newer – it has added words at the end, because well… it had to have that “Beth touch” added to it.  This video was relatively simple, but it did allow me to play a bit. What you can’t see is that there were 4 tracks I manipulated, a transition in the front and then of course the end bits  I still have more to learn, but overall it was a fun experiment.  So next up, the plan is to create more shorts to get a better feel for editing and THEN I’ll go back to having real editors on any additional sketches we film, because really there are limits.

With that being said though, who wants to make some shorts?  I promise to stop referring to you as “my little human guinea pigs” (maybe) if you volunteer. Ok, I’ll at least give up the cackling maniacally bit at the end – that’s really all I’m willing to commit to and I’m totally crediting you as the “little human guinea pigs”, which is a term of affection.

Oh right, the teaser:

Dunes Teaser 2

6 thoughts on “Dunes: The Teaser

  1. Tony says:

    Holy cow, that was amazing! It really makes me want to hurry up and have already seen Dunes!

    • Beth says:

      I think next month we’ll film it! 🙂 And who know what we can do after that. Write it? This project never ends. Thanks for laughing with me (not “at” right? right? 🙂 )

  2. No mammals were harmed…including reviewers/guinea pigs…right?
    It’s funny! Grasshopper leaped for this one!
    (oh and I never read for typos/errors…if you live in a glass house sort of thing…might end up with a ton of moths splatted along the walls…you have to turn the lights on sometimes…make them stop going to the flames…make them stop. OK I’m stopping now)

    • Beth says:

      Reviewers and guinea pigs were unharmed. I can’t say the same for any mosquitoes or that poor pill bug (who knew he was down there?) You comment made me laugh out loud (not a mere LOL, but a genuine and true laugh – a pet startling kind). Great advice about glass houses and don’t forget the June bugs who will be arriving at porch fronts soon. Hope things are going well down there. Respectful waves to RC and bouncy waves to Molly!

  3. I’ll be a mostly unharmed at least in no real permanent way kinda guinea pig with standard emotional and mental waivers.

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