Because my parents were divorced…

My Mother moved us to Austin when I was in 2nd grade.

And because she moved us to Austin when I was in second grade,

A little boy named Ernie was paired up with me on my first day of school.  His assignment was to make sure I got around ok and boarded the right bus at day’s end.  He didn’t realize it was a lifetime commitment.

He then grew up to mistake me for furniture (or maybe it was retaliation, since he’d been tricked).

When your friends become family.

And because a little boy named Ernie showed me around school,

I got a job at PBS.

And because I got a job at PBS,

I met a girl named April.

And because I met a girl named April,

I took an improv class.

Steve Rogers Photography

And because I took an improv class,

I took more improv classes.

Singing Improv!

And because I took more improv classes

I heard about sketch classes,

And because I heard about sketch classes, I wrote some sketches that we eventually turned into some short films.

And I also helped write a sketch show that had a sold out run three weekends in a row.

And because I did all of that, I met more people,

And because I met those people

I will be part of this year’s 48 Hour Film Project in Austin, which we’ll start on August 16th, finish on August 18th and have screened the following week at the Scottish Rite Theater.

48 Hour Filmmaker: Austin 2013

Thanks to my parents getting a divorce, I’m helping make a film!  Thanks, guys!

SHAMELESS PLUG: Interested in helping out, interested in acting or just merely want to keep track of what’s going on?  Follow Uncle Bob’s Dangerous Pants  (team name!) on FB for the latest details.

2 thoughts on “Because

  1. YEA YEA! Dancing wildly – and not because the dog is totally bored in the heat and keep standing there at me.
    It happened just because –
    (Finally something good comes with that phrase)
    Hooray again!

    • Beth says:

      YEA DANCING!!! Especially “just because” dancing! It’s the best kind! Thank you!! Our team is super excited and dancing as well. We all agreed at our kickoff meeting that we were doing this for fun; not trying to win anything – just seeing what we could do as a group on a short schedule. (Of course, we kept that from Topping, who agreed to write the script. We told her we were going to Cannes – everyone agreed not to let on. So, if you see someone who looks like they might be named Topping. Just shout out, “Good Luck at Cannes!”)

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