The 48 Hour Film Project

I mentioned in my previous post that I’ll be taking part in Austin’s 48 Hour Film Project – an exhausting weekend where my friends and I get little sleep, become completely delirious and drool a bit all in the name of “fun!” (or insanity).

I’ve already had a couple of great meetings with the team and learned that we will… shoot, I can’t share this yet since some of my Uncle Bob’s Dangerous Pants team actually read my blog. (Yes, like you they also clearly have questionable taste and possibly too much free time.)  Anyway, let me just say there’s some very cool new on the horizon that I look forward to sharing with them and with you guys.

Since some of you aren’t quite sure what this 48 Hour thing all about, I decided to share a video that explains what we’ll be doing in about 4 short weeks (psst, Charla – this is for you! :))


Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates! Also, if you’re an actor looking to spend a crazy day of filming with little to no rehearsal, let us know.  We’re looking for all types – as Richard (our Director of Photography) said, “if you’re breathing, you’re the right type.”  More information can be found on our page: Uncle Bob’s Dangerous Pants

(Err, yes I see the ad below, too and I promise at some point I will pay to remove the ads from the blog.  Anyway, just mentioning it since the video below is not part of what we’re doing, but I’m sure it would make WordPress very happy if you clicked on it.)

2 thoughts on “The 48 Hour Film Project

  1. The ads – the ads…oh sorry it was a Fantasy Island moment (someday I’ll spring for zapping them, too)
    48 sounds great!

    • Beth says:

      About a year and a half ago I promised I’d remove those little ads and then I completely forgot, because I never see them. I’m not even sure how I saw the little video below my post – quirky computerness happenings, I suppose – then the whole thing re-entered my brain as something I promised to do… any day now… yessirree… I’m on it! Ooo shiny object! What were we talking about? 🙂

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