Foster Needed – Austin, Texas

My good friend Julie has an amazing opportunity of a lifetime – a chance to practice medicine in New Zealand for a year. The downside, aside from not being able to see her at all during that time and only getting to live vicariously through her adventures, is that she can’t take her beloved dog Sami.


Sami is a senior girl. She has a goofy smile, long legs, big ears and an even bigger heart. From the time we’ve spent with her, we can tell she loves soft pats, ear scratching (right there, yes right there), naps, showing off her toy for the kitty, chasing wild rabbits and eating. She’s easy going, mellow and super friendly.

She looks great in a hat!

If you chose to foster her for a year, you’ll receive:

  • A year’s supply of all her medicines (she’s a senior, so she has a few and this includes her heartworm meds)
  • Vet bills paid (of course within reason – no open heart surgery, knee replacements, cybernetic implants, diamond doggy grills, etc.)
  • A gigantic crate with her bed, blankets and her toy.
  • A whole lot of love!
  • Wet doggy kisses!


Sami is house trained, crate trained, and dinner trained (she’ll always come for dinner!).

She’s 60 lbs. and her vet believes she may be part Catahoula, Australian Shepherd and she is definitely all heart.  She needs to be able to come in from the extreme Texas heat and of course the cold.

Beth, why can’t you keep her? Great question! We’d love to, she’s a great house guest. Unfortunately our dog attacks her. Please note: all fighting is initiated by our dog. Sami is not responsible for any of the aggression; she’s easy-going and seems to want to make friends, but ours isn’t having it. Sami and our dog have to spend most of their time separated and food cannot be out when they’re both out (or a trash bag that you’re trying to seal up and take out). She needs a better place where she doesn’t have to be stressed out by our aggressive beagle. (Who knew beagles could be aggressive?)


All legs, ears and heart waiting for you!

Can you help? Do you know of anyone who can? Have any questions? Please leave a comment here or send me an email at bigbluemess at gmail dot com.

4 thoughts on “Foster Needed – Austin, Texas

  1. Darn – just saw this. Any luck? Will ask around here. Sami looks like a real sweetie and will really miss her mommy(who will worry – thank goodness for internet) – so the home has to fit.
    Molly would be pleased for a companion, but we have ancient RC (and the two are barely managing a peace) and we are committed to fostering the German as needed (who would also love Sami no doubt)
    Sending sos selectively to some.
    Fingers crossed she’s already selected a family

    • Beth says:

      No luck so far. She’s a fairly old girl (the vet estimates around 15-16 years), a bit achy and ancient, which makes placing her more of a challenge, but she is really really sweet. She has really taken to my husband and for the first time last night, Sam allowed her to be pet by him at the same time without a single bit of fussing. Sam is finally accepting that Sami does her own thing and isn’t in direct competition. Our cat, on the other hand, is hiding. Sami (yes, Sam and Sami) keeps hunting for her and she’d prefer to enter a room and all the dogs to hunker in a corner with their heads lowered.

      Thank you for continuing to help in the search. Her mom is extremely worried that Sami will have to be put down before she leaves and I’ve assured her we have many more options before we get there.

      Big hugs and pats to the Molly! Deferential bows to RC!

      • There is an older pet rescue group here that mainly deals with pet whose owners are hospitalized or moved to nursing homes. WIll try to find them
        The last previous owner of Molly ( she’s had a series) really liked the dog but Molly kept annoying their old old lab trying to get it to play ( and grabbing her assigned seat on the couch). All that upset their younger lab so there were dog snarlings all the time. Molly thinks everyone should romp wildly …except she’s getting better at not towering over the cat.(which is not tolerated well at all…attack cat mode and hurt feeling for dog)
        Faithful older dog deserves a graceful life. There’s a perfect slot somewhere

  2. Beth says:

    I sure am glad Molly found her home. I just picture dogs like Molly frolicking away to the “Happy” song that’s so popular right now (as she plays in the seaweed). I think Sami was very similar in her day. When she came to the house, it was with one toy that she loves to flip it around for herself. Last night she got even more excited because clearly I wanted the toy, too which lead to silly Sami shenanigans (even if they were a bit creaky) – she flipped, dance around, stood on the toy and made her excited face. She even gave me a near wag, which is a huge improvement from day 1. We’ve gotten our Sam to ease up a bit – Sami is now allowed to be pat when Sam is nearby and she can stand near Sam’s blanket when Sam is burrowing.

    The groups a fellow co-worker who is into rescue has pointed me to here in town have all been through Facebook and all of those have said “no free dog postings”. I just want her to be in a place that’s loving, safe (for an old arthritic girl) and free from being harassed by a whipper snapper (aka our Sam). She’s lived a full life and now she’ll be without her family of the last 10 years; she deserves to be happy. (Apparently, she had two previous owners, each one passed away. I can’t imagine how confusing another big change like this is.)

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