The Commercial

Last September our little gang got together to hang out and goof around (I mean work hard and shoot a few commercials). Our friends Janet and Steve had recently opened up a computer repair shop in their town and had asked all of us  (Richard, Topping and myself) to write a few commercials.  We all ran off and started typing away.  I came back with this vague idea of a Fox and Mulder (X-Files) or Sam and Dean (Supernatural) bumbling detectives spoof – where sadly technology always gets destroyed in one way or the other.  There’s actually a series of these featuring our head slapping heroes and our favorite cackling bad guys (unshot – but they live on in MY MIND!).  I was able to wrangle my friend Jonathan (the James Franco to my Seth Rogen? The Bruce Campbell to my Sam Raimi? (I flatter myself, go on me)) involved and then managed to trick several of the cast from our Batshyt Crazy puppet gang to come and play, too. HOORAY!

It will never air anywhere except my video feed, but it makes me happy. Plus, I have a running Hutto gag in all of my sketches, so the fact this was actually in Hutto and my actors say “Hutto” makes my heart dance.

From the director’s commentary on the never-to-be-released, because it would be less than a minute long DVD, and well, that seems kind of silly to make a DVD that short:  One of the best parts for me when I’m pulling together a shoot and creating my prop list is to add ridiculous things that you may or may not see in the scene.  There are a few here (not all of them were caught on camera).  However, some you can see live behind our intrepid detectives.  The “most wanted” pictures are made up of pictures of several cast,and crew members who worked on all of the commercials (there are four). Oh yeah, before i get shanked, some very dangerous puppets are also up there. (Of course, to see them in their commercial acting debut our folks need to get to editing and posting for the world.  This is a hint, people!)

As always a huge thanks to everyone who works for food and agrees to be part of my goofiness.

2 thoughts on “The Commercial

  1. WOW. Seriously professional. Like the contrast of light and dark settings….and always a fan of goofiness with wit. FUn to watch – no doubt fun to create – no fair – you have all the fun!

    • Beth says:

      Thank you! You’re too too kind. We all just like playing dress up and goofing around together, which makes those days fun and low stress. You should grab up a camera and join in the fun like we did!

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