A Babbling State of the Beth

I’m back, at least for a moment or two, and I’m going to write some general randomness, babble a bit, and there will probably be a tiny rant.  Hopefully in there will be a lot of love, because I do have that for a group of people who have been completely amazing.

Saturday we had a wake for Jay.  It was hands-down the best party I’ve been to in who knows how long.  If I could choose a recent moment to live in, it would be there in Darrell’s kitchen, talking to friends, laughing, drinking a margarita, or it would be on the couch announcing to my friend Jonathan that I was moments away from hugging everyone and declaring my absolute love for them.  In fact, there’s a ridiculous picture of me on that couch, and having never seen it, I feel it captures my goofiness and love.  (Let’s hope that pans out for me, and isn’t something I wince at.)

I’ve always had anthem songs. It’s just me.  Maybe it’s you, too, but in that moment I was returned to a song that is the most me when my world is right (and it’s usually more right than wrong), and it’s the me I haven’t been in a long while.

I managed to only have one moment where I started hyperventilating and tears trickled down my face, but I did it quietly in front of a group of people with a smile on my face and no one noticed. This may be a new skill  Although, I did have to fight down the urge to go for a long walk – not being able to escape folks in the front yard was the only thing that stopped me.  Damn you Johnny Cash.  The song wasn’t on, only an instrumental version, but I could sense him singing it and each word of the lyrics stung briefly.

Sunday was our anniversary.  Let me clarify a bit.  This wasn’t the anniversary of our marriage, but the anniversary of when we started dating 17 years ago.  While the nation mourns, I always remember that day as the one when we went to Magnolia Cafe, walked over to a park, and Jay told me he loved me for the first time.  On that day I made big, life-changing decisions – decisions that hurt some people unintentionally.  It was the day that kicked off what would be the happiest time of my life, and it was worth all of the anger I felt towards people for the years that followed (I’m just not cut from that “let it go” cloth – Elsa’s goofy little song would fall on my deaf ears. Girl, you let it go.  I got this.  I mean, just ask me about Jessica and the 3rd grade slumber party.  Mmm hmm. I’m not letting that go either) It was also worth the sadness of the last couple of months. That day kicked off a time when I learned the true meaning of friendship – that my closest friends would form a phalanx to shield me whenever I needed protection; they’re amazing.  It was the day I learned how wonderful love could be, and how strong (and in some cases weak) my friendships were.

It also kicked off our “Monthaversary” tradition, and not an 11th passed in the past 16+ years without the declaration of “Happy Monthaversary!!”  In turn, it makes every 11th that has followed varying degrees of painful with yesterday having the potential to wreck me.  My brother-in-law gets a big gigantic shout out here for heading that off by getting me outside, walking around, and then watching impossibly goofy movies.  He is amazing and a truly great and kind guy (yes, you are).

Here’s where I meander over to my ranty bit.  Feel free to hop off at this stop.

What happened with Jay was absolutely horrible; it’s the nature of death. Unfortunately, something I’ve learned from this experience is that people do not understand you if you’re not in a downward spiral.  So, I’m going to be blunt.

  1. Some facts – I get out of the house.  I started work a week later.  I went back to the gym
  2. I don’t need meds.  I don’t have the desire to hole up in a dark corner. Thank you for suggesting that, but I don’t need to not feel.  Maybe that’s you.  Feel free to get meds if so.
  3. Death is sad. It’s ok to be sad.  I don’t choose to wallow in this feeling although I might tear up on occasion. You see I lost my best friend who also happened to be my husband. I lost someone I talked to daily.  I lost someone who thought I was ok despite a list of flaws.
  4. Don’t tell me it’s not my fault.  I know that. See, I learned a long time ago that I can’t actually control other people.  It’s nice of you to say.  It’s annoying when it gets re-emphasized over and over again when I’m not actually claiming responsibility.
  5. Don’t tell me I need to see a therapist or go to group therapy, because you feel like that’s what all people who suffered a loss must need.  No, I don’t – at least not right now.  Sweeping into my life during a tragedy when you don’t know me well doesn’t qualify you to judge my mental state.  There are exactly five people I’d listen to on this subject.  If you just paused and wondered “Is that me?” It’s not. Two of them are my family (blood or otherwise), two of them live together, and the last is a surprise – well, probably not to them.  The day they put together an intervention is the day I’ll go, but right now they’re telling me I’m fine, and well… remember that phalanx?  Don’t push it. They’re fierce.  Also, they’re about to get punchy if they hear me say one more time, “yeah, she told me she didn’t think I had anyone to talk to, made the sad face, and got upset I wasn’t in therapy”.
  6. I was raised by a social worker and a big portion of our family friends were social workers.  Plus, I’m lucky in that I naturally come with a pretty large tool kit for coping.  Don’t assume I have no tools to work through grief.
  7. Do not ever tell me someone is not Jay.  I am keenly aware of this, and I need exactly zero reminders. Also a fun couple of facts –  therapists are not Jay.  You are not Jay.  So, if the point is to to suggest I’m trying to find a replacement, I can’t. No one can replace anyone else. Each friendship I have is unique. If the point is to suggest you or a therapist would be a better choice, well we’ll have to agree to disagree. My not sharing with you doesn’t mean I’m not talking to someone, I am.  It doesn’t mean I don’t love or value your friendship, I do, but the fact of the matter is that different friends have different abilities.  My phalanx was chosen for their unique skills. Thankfully the world is a big enough place that all types of friends are welcome, but don’t keep shoving your resume in my face when you can’t lift a shield, and don’t be jealous of those that can.  They’re a highly specialized and elite group.  They have their own standard they fly. (Well, they will now. Hey guys, can we work on that? You know who I’m asking. Maybe get the kids on it? They’re crazy creative. Maybe think of some theme music?) There can be a huge difference between empathizing and sympathizing.  Thank you for thinking of me.  Don’t push it.
  8. Don’t tell me that Jay’s choice had to be a relief or that he got to “leave the bullshit” behind. I am that bullshit. His family is that bullshit. Sam is that bullshit. Mind your face and the words that just dribbled out, and realize that the times I’ve needed to be in therapy have never been for sadness, but for anger. Also, there’s a short distance between me counting from 1-10 and breathing.  Hope I chose to count to 100.

The non-ranty bit (a list):

  1. There are not enough numbers to enumerate all the great things individuals have done or said.  You’re all part of my incredible tool kit that get me through each day. Your thoughts and kind words have been helpful.  Thank you for thinking of me.

Now I suppose I should wrap this up.  Did I mention this is babble? It’s kind of hard to put a neat bow on babble.  Maybe pretend I said something here that ties it all together, and I’ll pretend I had a lot of margaritas, am giving you a big hug, and saying I love you guys.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!

12 thoughts on “A Babbling State of the Beth

  1. Luzie says:

    Girl- you are smazing. I love you just as you are. Never change. *Hugs*

    • Beth says:

      Thank you so much, Luzie! You are also amazing, and I love you right back. You’re one of my favorite people,and even though we haven’t seen each other in a while you’re still just plain cool; I think of you often.

  2. Dorothy Rannefeld says:

    I don’t know how you feel, but I do know how I feel about you. You have amazed me since the first time I saw you. That, my sweet darlin Beth, has and never will change. If you feel pain or joy, I don’t want you to hide it from me. I relish in all your days and all your ups and downs. These experiences make you a beautiful quilt that covers the earth. Total beauty inside and out. You are my heart and my joy.

    • Beth says:

      Aunt Dorothy, I love you so very much! I was telling a friend that if they ever wanted to know who I was most like in the family, that I personally feel that I’m somewhere between you and Dad. All of the love, laughter, and humor rubbed off on me when I was tiny. But boy howdy don’t think for a minute that our light heartedness means you can push us around. I’m still completely serious about a girl’s weekend. I miss seeing your smile and the mirthful twinkle in your eye.

      On Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 12:01 AM, The Big Blue Mess wrote:


      • Dorothy Rannefeld says:

        We won’t pack anything but essentials. Clothes can be purchased wherever we travel. We’ll call the new togs our souvenirs. Ready, set, GO!!

      • Beth says:

        I’m definitely in!!!

        On Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 11:44 PM, The Big Blue Mess wrote:


  3. Fierceness in shield is worth more than gold. Somehow I knew you were able to withstand, but was glad to see your post.
    (goofiness is underrated)
    Great list.
    (My you’d-better-retrain-me button after a loss is when some “well meaning” dullard comes up with “They were ready to go.” Really? Had you bothered to visit or talk with them recently? No?)
    We want to see the phalanx’s standard design….so get them on that, OK?
    Babble on.

    • Beth says:

      I always try to remember that most people are well-meaning, not trying to hurt feeling, and are just being clumsy with words when they don’t know what to say, but some sentiments are more challenging for me to smile through than others. I will definitely ask my gang to work on their standard; several of them are highly creative so it has great potential to be amazing. I hope in addition to “amazing,” it will also be animated. Maybe I’m going to big? 🙂

      I’m hoping this weekend to catch up on your blog, which I love so much and have missed reading thanks to all the craziness around me. I hope you and everyone in the realm is doing well!

      On Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 8:19 PM, The Big Blue Mess wrote:


  4. Hello (paw waves, too) Hope there’s a crowd with witty humor and laughs around you – as well as nice fall scenes to enjoy!

    • Beth says:

      My very favorite philosophical mouse!! HELLOS!!!! Yes, many future stand-up comedians around me (or at least they’re pretty sure that’s the case, and who am I to burst bubbles who show such promise?) They keep me busy and out of trouble (for the most part). We’ve gone to the State Fair, a haunted house, a couple of concerts (who knew Cyndi Lauper is exploring country music? I didn’t, but now I do!), and generally check-in to make sure I’m doing ok. A few orange jump suit opportunities have presented themselves, but for now I’m passing. 🙂

      How is the Realm these days? Are paws merrily dancing around in anticipation of the upcoming holidays?

      • Cyndi knows cool! In the middle of making some elaborate customized stockings for new family member soon to arrive (thus the diaper musings) and trying to finish up shopping before the mania and so then I can enjoy the last few months of the year. Turned off both large and small screens over the last few weeks – being unplugged is pretty nice, so blogging is a bit behind – and may stay that way a while. Besides I love being outside this time of year. RC is pretty content with the windows open and multiple sunny rooms…if only stay would manage to serve breakfast on Daylight Savings time.
        Oh, she sends a sleepy paw wave. (Molly is out tearing through the mud…so there goes the afternoon…) Thanks for checking in

      • Beth says:

        The weather is absolutely gorgeous! Although I went outside yesterday morning in my fleece hoodie only to still be outside when the hoodie was a terrible choice. Whoops! I must remember to layer, but it wasn’t quite cool enough for layers. Clearly I’m going to have some clothing dilemmas until we stay cold all day. Bless my heart. Our crew is also against CST, and they like to remind me that no, in a right and just world, it IS breakfast time!! “You’ve clearly just grown lazy, Mom!” As their paws point to open mouths.
        Happy Weekend to you and the realm!!

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