4 thoughts on “Sam: Our Beautiful Girl

  1. heatherbart70 says:

    Sweet girl!

  2. hrhdeanne says:

    Oh, no. Oh, Sam. I watched the video and cried. She was so happy and funny and just the epitome of “beagle”. I’m so sorry. Much love — D ******************** Action figure sold separately!

  3. […] UPDATE 7/17/2017: On this day, I said goodbye to a funny little old lady. She was beautiful, goofy, and had the biggest heart (and a ton of patience and love for someone as undeserving as me).  I miss her daily, and I hope that if there is an afterlife my husband was there to scoop her up, and give her one of those hugs she wasn’t keen on.  Here is the link to my goodbye to my beautiful girl. […]

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