Turning 50

I’m torn between two stories – two equally half-baked ideas, and neither of them quite fit to warrant a blog entry, but here I am.  That’s right, this month you get not one, not two, but three blog pieces, or two official ones plus this one where I spew words to fill up space and technically call it an additional blog piece. I can do that. I’m the author.

The two stories: I turned 50! I feel the exclamation point here is a bit much on the one hand, but on the other, the period seems a little too little. Maybe just the pipe thing is a better choice? I turned 50| – hrmm… clearly a punctuation work in progress.

I heralded the day by going to the movies, where two of my friends immediately fell asleep, and then in a show of solidarity, I promptly went home myself and took a three hour nap.  This might be a bad sign considering that I worked in a couple of extra naps today. 50 makes me a tad sleepy.

To help celebrate this auspicious occasion of being half a century old I decided to take this week off. I haven’t had a week off since right before Jay died – not even when I wrecked my knee; I’m a little trooper! (A little trooper who had a great boss who let them telework for a week. Otherwise, I really would have taken the week, because ow… knee.)  I started this vacation off strong with the aforementioned three hour birthday nap on day #1, and now on day #2 (today) I’m officially stir crazy to the point that I felt compelled to text a friend pleading that they get me out of the house tomorrow before I end up watching all the sad movies, or listening to every piece of moody music I own, while downing the one wine cooler. Yes, I’m kicking it old school with my drink options… err option. I guess I do actually have tequila, but I haven’t quite reached the “sad drunk” phase of my life, yet. We won’t mention the very dry red wine that’s currently “aging.”

But this song y’all…

(This really met both my movie AND song criteria. And who wouldn’t want to play it 20 times in a day? Am I right? At least I limited myself to 20.)

Ok, in all fairness I did also purchase the following, and have played it nearly as much as the above (like 5 times, which we all know is exactly like 20):

I’ve also managed to watch Once; Sex, Lies & Videotape; and Me Before You over the past two daysWithout intervention, I see Sense and Sensibility in my Day #3 future.

So, there’s that story… the other half-baked story is that over the month of December I’ve devolved into an overly dramatic 16 year old girl again (see music above). I suspect my girlfriends are either going to stage an intervention or murder me if I continue, but I don’t see an end in sight to this. Sorry guys! I know it’s absolutely absurd. I really need a parent to come in to tell me to shut it down or for Julie to magically appear from New Zealand and we go on a long walk around Town Lake.  But boys y’all… that’s all I’ve got to say. Ok, maybe I’d add some words about my ego, and some other words about how I’m an awkward goon. This is where it’s a shame I don’t have any long rows coming up, I could use one. (I think tomorrow I’ll end up rowing 9 minutes tops, and walking approximately 16 minutes if I am guesstimating my workout calendar correctly – hardly enough to shut down a brain for any significant amount of time.)

So there you have it.  Two near-stories that show I’m not only 50, but am still 16 – all in one goofy package that’s unable to land a date. Woo! Go me!

I think I’ll go take another nap.

3 thoughts on “Turning 50

  1. hrhdeanne says:

    My cell is 937-626-2876. You should text me when you’re going nuts. I’ll text back pictures of my pets or something. ******************** Action figure sold separately!

  2. HA! You’re officially half done.
    Once I asked one of the 100+yrs old uncles how he made so far he laughed and said he almost fretted himself to death in his 40’s and his doctor said to take a nap everyday after lunch – and he did – closed his office door and took a 20 min nap. (Head of dept at SMU). Worked for him. Feel free to use that excuse as often as I do HAHA
    All that matter is how old you feel – and easier to get away with it the older you get. Let those other guys get old – rock on!

    • Beth says:

      That’s also a rather brilliant suggestion. I’ve often thought about stealing away at lunch to my car (during cooler months) and taking quick naps. Nothing really beats a solid one.

      Also, good ol’ SMU – there used to be a huge rivalry in our house between the lovers of SMU and then the lovers of UT (until their football team took a media hit in what? the 80’s?) My grandmother attended, and was a good and loyal alumnae.

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