All the May New Things, Or How I Did Nothing

I said, “I’m going to try something new each month in 2019! Yessirree! It’s going to be so great! Maybe I’ll discover something about myself! Reinvent myself (in a good way, of course – no meth addictions or running that bar I’ve always dreamed of)” Yep, that’s what I said. You read it.

Now when I repeat all of that in my head, I do so in my “near-Beth” voice – that one that has heavy mocking overtones and undertones (really, it’s got all the tone – it’s rather tone-rich – tone-full?), and of course it’s accompanied by an overly dramatic eye roll. Oh yeah, new thing in May… mm hmmm… the year isn’t even half over, you had 30 days, and nothing? Really? Solid work there, Maynard!

Truthfully, I had an idea, and then my idea blew up spectacularly. In fact, I’m still smarting from this idea, and it makes me contort my face into a perfectly grumbly stink-face just thinking about it. I’d shake my first at it, but my idea is completely impervious to my attempts at intimidation. Rude!

So, here’s the May update on the nothing new I did.

  • I moved to the big kid’s class in swimming – a side story to that – I told a group of people that I was taking the adult swimming class, because I didn’t know how to swim, and they decided I meant, “I have a fear of water.” Nothing beats trying to explain to another adult that, “no, I don’t think that sitting in my chair and holding my breath for long periods of time will actually help my swimming. I don’t have a water fear.” “But what if you practiced holding your breath?” “Yeah. Still no. Won’t make me better at a front crawl, but you’re adorable! Go on! Hold my breath you say?”
  • My gym idol came up, said he wanted to take a photo of me to encourage one of his friends, and told me I was doing great – that I was really inspiring. (I’m pretty sure he actually meant to say, “I actually want the photo to put in my locket,” and he confused his words. I mean, I am kind of a hot, sweaty, old lady gym-babe. Who wouldn’t? I’m practically a hot, sweaty, old lady gym pin-up girl! (Hrmmm… or maybe just a hot sweaty old lady at the gym. One of those.)
  • I hit a new rowing pace low of 2:26/500m for a 9000m row. I maintained that pace for my 10,000m row yesterday. That .9 rounds down! Hey, it may not be the best, but considering I started at a 3:15/500m pace when I first started, and I couldn’t row 1000m without wanting to wheeze and die, I feel pretty good about that pace.
  • I was interviewed for my company’s newsletter – had a lovely conversation with the in-house journalist (he formerly worked for the San Angelo Standard-Times where he reported on the whole Warren Jeffs’ FLDS stand-off – fascinating guy (the journalist, not Warren Jeffs)). We have about 35,000 employees, so that felt kind of good. I look forward to seeing the article. Who knows, I may reprint it here depending on how it reads. Hey, I’m not above bragging! I’m not proud.
  • I said goodbye to my 10 year old mentee. We celebrated with pizza, fake fingernails (not on the pizza), and spicy hot Funyuns (BLECH!! But she loved them.) I reminded her of how amazing I think she is, and let her know that I believe she will do incredible things in this world. She’s so kind, sweet, curious, and plain fun to be around. I’ll miss making slime. (I can now make about four different kinds. Who knew there were so many??) Also, I’m kind of a whiz with baking soda experiments.
  • I had an anxiety attack (’tis the season), melted down, called a counseling referral service, had another one on that call (Happy Anniversary – this is how I celebrate that annual event these days), and met a lovely counselor. We’re now talking about how to manage those moving forward. I don’t judge how you celebrated Mental Health Awareness Month, but I feel I personally did my part.
  • … and while this is getting into June things, I want to add: The counselor asked me how I honored Jay, and told me to think on it. So, while I’ve been thinking on it, I found an artist, and I’ve commissioned an original piece – something that represents the two of us. I’m not sure how it will look or if it will match my particular vision, but I rather like that I’ve inspired art – even if it’s only in a small way. And I love that something wholly new will be brought to life – something that in its own small way will honor Jay.

Heads-up: I’ve also got no idea what I’ll do in June either. Go new things in 2019!

5 thoughts on “All the May New Things, Or How I Did Nothing

  1. julie4hardy says:

    I think visit NZ should be on the the schedule somewhere. Maybe not June or July because it’s winter and I’m whiny about that!
    Also, maybe didn’t do anything completely new, but new things happened in previously new things, so I think that counts!

    • azzageddi says:

      Yes, that’s the only problem with Worldcon 2020–it’s going to be July 29-August 2.

      • Beth says:

        David, I finally read your comment in context with Julie’s (I’d seen them appear in emails separately and thought… hrmm… what does this cryptic message mean? I don’t recall writing about WorldDon.) Now it all makes sense!

        Ju, NZ will definitely be on my schedule!! I look forward to when you’re healed and ready to paint the town whatever color we choose (or don’t choose) while enjoying your home brew, and getting in quality girl time!! I honestly cannot wait! Also, stupid Austin Zoo; that’s what I had wanted to do in June. I mean, the other stuff is fine, but there were animals that did not get see by me in May while I sipped on wine.

        On Wed, Jun 5, 2019 at 9:52 PM The Big Blue Mess wrote:


  2. Sitting in a chair holding your breath for swimming? That’s a new one to me. People are so creative.
    Speaking of creative and wonderful, this has got to be the greatest idea ever: “something wholly new will be brought to life” with Jay
    Can’t wait to see.
    Slime manufacturing is amazing!!! Never forget slime.(if adults scowl, borrow some kids…they are good with water balloons, too)
    Swim, row, and wander on!

    • Beth says:

      I just received the second draft last night, and the artist is really beyond “spot on” in his interpretation of my idfea. I both envy and am amazed by his gifts.

      And you are so right – slime is absolutely brilliant! All of it! From fluffy, to cloud, to butter, to just plain ol’ slime. You can’t beat it! (Well, you shouldn’t, you should knead it. Bring it lovingly into this world – a metaphor for so many other things in this world. :))

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