Canings – remember when that American graffiti artist decorated the car in Singapore? I think their justice system has something right. Now, I’m not going to write a little post about whether our justice system is about “punishment” or “rehabilitation”; I think the answer is obvious, but I don’t want to offend those of you who got it wrong. I want to write about hackers and virus code writers. Yes, I think the lot of them should be caned.

I think if we marched big herds of them onto the middle of the US Capitol grounds and caned them it would send a strong message. You are NOT going to be hired by the government for your cleverness and to help them make newer, better security systems and you are NOT going to be thought hip and cool by the other kids in your Visual Basic Class for Advanced Dummies, you ARE going to be caned in public. The cane will be soaked overnight so it won’t crack, as they do it in Singapore, and you will receive four strikes by a martial arts expert who is really going to put his weight behind it. Read that as “your tushy is going to smart in a matter of minutes”.

My friends know about my feelings on canings in regard to hackers so this is all familiar territory for them. Whenever I get on a kick like this, I always turn back to a discussion I had with an IT guy. I was joking about the canings and he presented a scenario to demonstrate why it’s not the hacker or virus writers fault – he said almost verbatim “if a paint can is sitting on the edge of a building and someone knocks it over, whose fault is it? Is it the fault of the person who knocked over the can or the person who left the can there?” Then he tried to adopt a wizened smug look that completely failed him. See, he was basically asking is it the hacker’s fault or is it Microsoft’s for leaving their code vulnerable. Well, I’m here to tell you two things that are true: it’s the person who knocked over the cans fault and it’s the person who writes the virus’ fault. See, a better analogy for me, following that same logic and dipping in the more violent is, whose fault is it if you’re stabbed in your house. Is it your fault for having knives or the person who is using them against you? As a victim, I’m going to venture a guess that you feel it’s their fault – now maybe I’m wrong.

It really all boils down to responsibility. I know I promised not to get into my personal beliefs and I really will try to avoid it in the future, but in my mind people are becoming less accountable for their own actions. People seem to like to direct the blame from them and place it somewhere else – it’s the situation, bad parenting, or the environment I grew up in. Well, last time I checked most of us had free choice. I’m just suggesting that if you choose poorly, you get a little caning in public and on national TV. I think it would help you choose more wisely in the future.

Again, why I’m not in charge baffles me.

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  1. […] not have said it quite so boldly, but the careful reader could easily read between the lines.  “All virus writers should be publicly caned”, because they have it coming. I’ve told the occasional story about myself mentioning things […]

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