Wee vs. The Boards

Dear Wee,

After much grousing, a semblance of the boards has returned just for you.  Sure, evidence of your old charm is gone, but think of it as a new, fresh place to spread your message of big pulsing hearts and teddy bears – a bold new board. As a bonus, I bring you ads of women with lip burrs claiming to promote whitened teeth and side shots of belly rolls, because nothing says breakfast like coffee and a side order of belly roll.

Now don’t make me drive all the way to Indiana to force this on you. I don’t think I’d like Indiana. I’m sure it’s lovely, but its name starts with an “I”, which makes it a bit suspect. And since we’re so PC these days, I’m sure I’m supposed to stop at your boarder and protest, insisting its name be changed to Native Americana. Shameless turn-of-the-century hillbillies!

Anyway, I expect to receive the “Wee Registered for Your Boards” message today. Othwise, it’s “Unleash the Raven” time and do you actually want me to go there?  Now go click the link on the side before I flip out.


Jay & Seth

No, this isn’t a story about Jay & Seth . I know, you saw a new post and were expecting some insight or maybe a comment on a commonality between the two.  Let’s see, ok, ummm… Seth once lived in a commune in Canada (there’s a Wiki about it, but see how this isn’t actually hyperlinked, that’s because I’m a BAD friend and don’t know the site off the top of my head) and Jay once lived on an Apache reservation in Arizona, which there isn’t any Wiki I’m aware of about his family’s experience.  Seth lives in Chicago.  Jay lives in my house.  See, practically TWINS!

No, really – what I’m here to say is that I turned off an annoying “feature” that I thought I turned off on Sunday – it was something called Snapshots and I’m telling them about it, but since you, too may have also twitched when you stumbled on it and because you’re going directly to the site’s URL instead of reading the blog from an RSS feed thinger (technical term), I wanted you to know as well.  Jay & Seth just get the special acknowledgement because they happened to be the two who pointed it out and I’m making a big production out of fixing it.  My hope is that they’ll confirm it’s gone and you will, too.  So, what I need for you to do is hover over the following link – if a little pop-up window showing a different website appears, then I have failed.

Sure, I could test on my own, but this way you can add “Software Beta Tester” to your résumé.  Hey, no need to thank me.  I do it because I care.

Beth, Where Are…

The pictures? You were going to ask about the pictures, weren’t you? Well, *I* have them, but in making the changes to the new blog the links are broken. I understand how frustrating this is to lose the links to the acclaimed photos from the amazing photojournalist that is me. No really. You all have a terrible attitude. Anyway, we’re (and by “we” I’ve asked resident expert and boss of all things related to my blog Anna for assistance) going to see about a workaround. Please send Anna copious amounts of presents and praise.

What about the forums?

Seriously guys, there’s only like 3 of you who regularly play there, but I’ve asked Anna to look at that, too because the 3 of you can be rather whiney.  (You know that comes from a good place, right?)  But keep in mind, she’s busy (she like leaves her house and stuff)  and may want to smack me for being so annoying about my blog these past few days.  Right… sending her a present now.

UPDATE:  Well, it turns out she IS outside as I predicted.  I AM actually annoying, BUT, I HAVE ordered the presents and they’re set to arrive at her house on Tuesday.
UPDATE PART DEUX: Photos are reappearing and Flickr and I have just made friends again.

What Did You DO?!?!

OMG!!! The blog changed. It’s no longer blue! The sidebars, the glorious sidebars… gone!

Well, it was about time don’t you think? Dear ol’ me, with the help of dear ol’ Blogger caused my blog to explode last week. It wasn’t pretty. I had written a  heartfelt-ish post, threw a gigantic post Post pity party (get it, see it’s post the post, oh never mind), yanked out tissue and hit “Publish” and Blogger said “pthbbt” so I tried the “I said PUBLISH DAMNIT!” key, and I heard faint giggling. Clearly, the best thing to do was to make a lovely honking noise into some tissue, wipe my face and say, “fine, you want to migrate, I’ll let you migrate”. (Back story: Blogger was fussy with 5% of its users, which included me and my Mess.) So, I pushed their magic “Migrate” button and it displayed a nice “GOOD JOB!!! You Did It!” and back I went to that broken “Publish” button, which I mashed and mashed and mashed until I became a complete button mashing vegetable glaring away at my monitor. Seems that one of us, one of us who say doesn’t like manuals, one of us who learns more from a hands-on approach (sometimes referred to as breaking things), one of us who CAN and WILL make a square peg fit into a round hole (as if that couldn’t be done) and may be the same person who applauded the genius who made short work of the Gordian Knot instead of fiddling about with it – this same person may have caused their website to explode.  Stop looking at me.  I was talking about you.  Sheesh. Way to go.  Thankfully, I decided to clean up your Mess. (Get it? I’m so under appreciated.)

Anyway, enough about you.  For now, this is the blog – think of it more as a slate blue than grey – c’mon, you know you can if you put your mind to it.

I will try to pick the brains of my more website savvy friends to see if we can make it look better, but for now – we’ve got nice and clean and Messy again.

BIG THANKS TO SETH & ANNA!  Without them, you’d still be looking a stagnate little corner of the internet.

A Pulse

There’s a little tool I use to view information on my website called Google Analytics. It allows me to get a tiny peek at the people who are peeking at this site – like Drew or that one person in London. Hi!

When you look at it, it almost resembles an EKG reading. The kind where some poor soul flat lined. See, that’s the other eight of you continually popping in to see if I continue to have nothing to say. I’d like to think I never let you down in that department. Go me.

Well, recently I logged on to deliver my weekly virtual waves around the state, country, and to my favorite Québécois (or can I just say Quebecer so it doesn’t sound like I’m putting on airs? I’m a Texan – we’re against airs and accent marks) only to find a huge spike in hits (see that mountain range pictured above). Now, most people who aren’t prone to being cynical might think this is a good thing, but that’s not me. My grandmother’s special contribution to my genetic make-up allows me the special understanding that I’m personally responsible for most bad things that occur around me (I’m a HUGE hit at parties). Let’s say you ran into a wall. I’d apologize. If you said, “it’s not your fault, you didn’t push me into the wall”. Au contraire, mon Frère, I probably subconsciously WILLED you into it with the powers of my MIND! (Ok, I’m not only cynical, I may be a tad mean.) So, being me and shouldering the weight of “I need to track down the bad thing I did on my website” I had to go through the list of usual suspects: “Have I insulted any bullies from secondary school recently? Have I upset any car salesmen who are continuing to flip out in comments?” No and no. There was that time I used a professor’s full name, but I’m pretty sure I only said good things (he was my hero), so I shouldn’t expect to have a large rock thrown through my window. And I have purposely avoided making biting political remarks about teaba… err… umm, other people who have differing views than my own, because let’s face it, I actually don’t want rocks tossed through my window or have my gas lines cut. (You adorable little nut jobs, bless your hearts. Nothing says patriotism quite like asshat-ery.)

That left me with more research. (By the way, when did Technorati stop listing sites that linked to yours?? Am I just missing it?)

When I actually found the reason for the bump, I was a little surprised, because it turns out I didn’t actually offend anyone. Weird. We are talking about “me”. At least I don’t “think” I offended anyone. It turns out that for a couple of days earlier in the month I was a huge hit with the Shirley Jones crowd thanks to a picture my Mom took of her when Mom was a teenager. A picture that to my best guess was taken in the mid to late 1950’s when Mom was in her autograph hound heyday.

Of all the things I thought would draw attention to my tiny corner of the internet, I never thought it would be “Shirley Jones”. So, hello to you all! Thanks for briefly giving my website a heartbeat for a few days there (and thanks for giving me something to hunt down and research in my spare time).

To my loyal 10, you keep that blood flowing.

(Insert Your Photo Here)

Hmph. Well, either Blogger or the Interwebs don’t seem to want you to see a photo of Sam. So, I’ll describe her – she’s beagle-y, all ears and nose with four paws and exceptionally cute. (I’m exceptional at descriptions – you can practically see her frolicking about now.) If the web relents, I might actually get a photo up.